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Independent Review 2020 Report

Scottish Gymnastics has published the findings from an independent review into safeguarding in performance gymnastics in Scotland.

Scottish Gymnastics launched an external investigation when a concern was raised in early July, following which, they commissioned an independent review into performance programmes.

The aim of the review was to ensure that athlete welfare is central to the Scottish Gymnastics performance programmes and that the platform for athletes to raise concerns to Scottish Gymnastics staff is the best it can be. Athletes, parents, coaches, support staff in performance programmes across disciplines from 2016 and Scottish Gymnastics staff were invited to contribute to the review.

The review team was led by safeguarding consultant Chris Smart with Sally Conway, Olympic, Commonwealth and world championships judo medal winner, as athlete advisor and Gavin Scott, rugby operations director at Scottish Rugby advising on performance. The Lawn Tennis Association’s head of safeguarding, David Humphrey assisted on the review, bringing his safeguarding experience from another sport in the areas concerning governance, casework, and training.

Chris has now written his report which recognises the commitment across all levels of Scottish Gymnastics to make the sport safe with structures, policies, and procedures. He also notes the steps taken in recent years to improve the overall well-being and safety of gymnasts through the safeguarding programme and education. 

The review has found that although many at Scottish Gymnastics believe well-being must come first, that culture is not necessarily translating to practice on the ground, nor is it pronounced overtly enough in the strategy, documentation, and processes.

The review identifies areas where improvements are required, not least in terms of culture, and the need for more to be done to embed safeguarding throughout the organisation. The culture change should be driven from the top with clear codes of conduct, clear reporting systems with published outcomes, a whistleblowing hotline, safeguarding standards in clubs and monitoring at each level. The recommendations when taken as a whole will help support the change in culture.

The report addresses the terms of reference to ensure that athlete welfare is central to the performance programmes with a platform for athletes to raise concerns, recommending better support, information, and safeguarding training to ensure the well-being of gymnasts and a life sport balance. 

It expands on this with recommendations on governance, strategy, and case management in Scottish Gymnastics, with clear information on the process and support for all those involved when allegations are raised. It also covers safeguarding, coach recruitment and support in clubs, to help embed a culture change so gymnasts and parents are aware of safeguarding at every level of the sport

The report’s author, Chris Smart, said: “On behalf of the review team, I would like to thank everyone who provided written submissions, completed surveys, were interviewed, and attended webinars as part of this review. 

“Gymnasts and parents, coaches, support staff and Scottish Gymnastics staff have taken part with respect and with the well-being of gymnasts at the forefront of their thinking and contributions. I would also like to acknowledge the immense contribution from the review team in conducting the review and producing this report.

“It is clear that Scottish Gymnastics has made improvements in gymnast well-being and safety over the years and has a desire to improve further. 

“They would benefit from greater strategic direction and planning to embed good safeguarding practice into culture so that it runs through and is at the forefront of everything that Scottish Gymnastics does. The recommendations in this report will help them implement the necessary changes in culture and processes so that everyone in the sport ensures gymnast well-being comes first.”

Scottish Gymnastics CEO Doc McKelvey has welcomed the recommendations of the review. He said: “We thank Chris and the review team for their work in producing their report and recommendations, and everyone who made submissions to the review.

“We want to assure all Scottish Gymnastics members and parents, that we will be adopting these recommendations through an action plan for areas we can progress quickly and then through the development of a safeguarding strategy as recommended in the review. We are fully committed to developing the culture and safeguarding standards required to protect and support gymnasts, coaches, parents, and all involved in Scottish Gymnastics. 

“The recommendations will help us prioritise new actions with work we have previously identified or started, so we can focus on taking the best approach to embedding safeguarding in performance programmes, throughout the organisation, and in member clubs and activities across Scotland. We believe the well-being of children and young people is everyone’s responsibility and it starts with us putting gymnasts’ welfare at the heart of everything we do. We will also implement any recommendations which may come from the ongoing Whyte Review. 

“This is not a short-term fix. This is a long-term, ongoing approach to changing the culture in the sport. Scottish Gymnastics will lead the change, but it is only achievable through everyone working together. We want all our members, parents, and future members to know what safeguards and support are in place to allow them to feel safe and have fun in gymnastics.

“Many sports around the world have had different cause to focus and self-reflect following complaints on varying issues.  Everyone involved in gymnastics in Scotland deserves the best possible environment to enjoy our sport.  We are committed, now more than ever, to continue to improve our sport, as a priority.  All stakeholders will be involved in helping to shape the necessary improvements to ensure we do as much as we can, for everyone's benefit.”

> Independent Safeguarding Review of Scottish Gymnastics Performance Programmes

Safeguarding in Scottish Gymnastics
•  Every Scottish Gymnastics club has a trained safeguarding officer
•  Please make sure you know who this person is and how to contact them
•  If you do not know, please ask a coach or official at your club
•  If you have a concern, or see something that concerns you, you can speak to your club safeguarding officer
•  You can contact the Scottish Gymnastics safeguarding team on safegym@scottishgymnastics.org

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Scottish Sport Committed to Being Part of Covid-19 Recovery

Leading figures from across Scottish sport have met to discuss the continued impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the role the sport sector will play in the nation’s long-term recovery from the pandemic. 

Members of the Scottish governing bodies (SGB) chief executive officers’ forum were joined by Minister for Public Health and Sport, Mairi Gougeon, and chief executive of sportscotland, Stewart Harris, at the virtual meeting. 

The SGB CEO forum represents 35 sports including athletics, badminton, cycling, fencing, golf, gymnastics, netball, swimming, triathlon and volleyball. It was established to develop a greater collective approach across sports and to help shape a collaborative response to the pandemic.

Some of the challenges faced by Scottish sport, such as financial viability, access to facilities and SGB membership levels, were discussed at the meeting. The forum expressed a firm commitment to using the power of sport and physical activity to assist in the recovery from Covid-19 and to help support the economy, health and wellbeing, education and social fabric of the nation. 

Public Health and Sport Minister Mairi Gougeon said: “We know that being active is one of the best ways to improve or maintain our physical and mental wellbeing, and this has been particularly so during the pandemic. As we start to carefully ease lockdown restrictions while continuing to supress the virus, there is no doubt that sport will play a central role in Scotland’s recovery. 

“Recognising the significant effect that the pandemic has had on the sport sector, the Scottish Government has provided a £55 million emergency funding package, allowing clubs to bridge the gap in revenue until spectators are able to return safely to sports events in larger numbers. 

“Our continuing collaboration with the sector is vital as we work to tackle the issues facing sports clubs as a result of Covid-19. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sports’ governing bodies, who have worked tirelessly to ensure sport can continue to operate safely within the restrictions.”     

Chair of the SGB CEO forum, Vinny Bryson, said: “It was important to have the opportunity to speak with the Minister for Sport about the challenges facing the sector but also to outline how SGBs can be a part of the solution. For the Minister to listen to 35 Scottish sports’ governing body CEOs and hear one collective voice is powerful and demonstrates our shared commitment to using the #PowerOfSport as part of the national recovery efforts of our nation. 

“We are all keen to play our part in restarting and shaping the future of sport as we emerge from the Covid-19 restrictions over the next few months and today’s discussions will support this approach. All our governing bodies are keen to have the clubs and members they represent at the heart of the nation’s mental and physical recovery from this pandemic. For the nation to rebuild and thrive again, it must be an active one.”

Chief executive of sportscotland, Stewart Harris, said: “It has been a year like no other for Scottish sport but the sector has shown remarkable resilience in how it has responded. This is the most difficult situation we have experienced but the sporting system, particularly SGBs, has done an exceptional job.    
“We need to recover, rebuild and restart with confidence. I fully believe that we will do that, when the time is right, because we have a system that is committed to working together to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. There is a lot of hard work still to be done but we will get through this together.” 

Today’s meeting comes just three months after the Scottish Government announced a £55million emergency funding package for spectator sports, to help them deal with the financial burden of lost ticket income. 

Across the financial year, a total of £32.4million has been accelerated to local and national partners by sportscotland, helping protect up to 1,600 jobs across the sector, while delivery targets were also relaxed. The national agency has also created a £1.5million Scottish governing body Covid-19 recovery support fund, which is being delivered with National Lottery funding.  

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Fiona takes leadership award online

Fiona Fyfe has been training gymnastics club members for the Scottish Gymnastics Leadership Award which has been adapted for online delivery through the pandemic. She shares her thoughts on the accredited course and helping others develop their skills outside of the gym.

I was delighted to be leading the first of many online sessions for the Scottish Gymnastics Leadership Award.  This award is accredited through Sports Leaders and is part of the wider leadership pathway available through Scottish Gymnastics.  

The course was designed and brought together in 2019 ready for club roll out and access in early 2020, however due to global circumstances, Scottish Gymnastics transitioned most of the course to online learning over the last 12 months.

The course content is designed to be accessible and relevant for many club members such as gymnasts, coaches, committee, and volunteers from age 12 years and up.  The four learning outcomes allow participants to explore areas such as understanding their self and others, communication, feedback, planning and review, and finally, leadership into practice.  

Having the opportunity to share the content with a broad range of ages, experiences and backgrounds has been very enjoyable so far.  Knowing and appreciating the value of this learning opportunity for our gymnastics community makes delivering the course even more rewarding.  

This unique and creative self-development journey can really enhance the learners’ growth and development as well as supporting those around them within the club environment.  Completion of the course will better equip learners with the knowledge, understanding and tools they can put in place to further club activity and sustainability in a supportive, constructive, and progressive manner.  

I particularly enjoy delivering the tasks and reflections sections of the course.  Observing learners discover their personality styles, strengths and areas for development is such a powerful moment to witness and be a part of.  I have seen individuals grow in confidence and gain a better understanding of themselves in their journey so far and begin to focus on a clear and realistic direction moving forwards.  

Self-awareness and professional development have been a growing interest and focus for me over the years and I'm so pleased to share my own learning journey with so many others.  It is a real privilege to be tutoring the content of this course and I am thankful to be in a position that allows me to support others on their leadership pathway

Fiona Fyfe
Scottish Gymnastics Leadership Award tutor

> Find out more about the Scottish Gymnastics Leadership Award

> Read more about the Scottish Gymnastics leadership pathway

If you or your club is interested in holding a course, please contact jacqui.stone@scottishgymnastics.org

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Events Update April to June 2021

Following the recent update from British Gymnastics on their event plans and in discussion with our technical committees, we wanted to provide an update for April to June 2021. Unfortunately, as the restrictions will be in place for several more weeks, this will have a direct impact on our events.

The March competition has been cancelled. The event planned for June is subject to upcoming announcements and the necessary timeframe this would involve for preparations. The format of the June competition may be altered in consultation with clubs. Further update will be provided next month.

Because of the recent lockdown, the postponed Pat Wade Classic that was due to be held in April has unfortunately been cancelled. Work is underway to see if an alternative date can be secured for this event in late autumn. 

Men’s artistic 
The event planned for June has been cancelled. We will be considering options for an online competition for the summer.

In light of the recent update from British Gymnastics, zonal grades will not be run in Scotland during March/April 2021. Scottish Gymnastics is considering combining the Scottish Championships and Individual apparatus on the weekend of 25/26 September and may consider if zonal grades can also be accommodated within this competition format. In addition, we are looking at the potential of hosting virtual online events to provide opportunities building towards competition return for gymnasts later in the year.

There are no events planned for TeamGym at the moment.  When clubs reopen and there is more clarity and timescales for return, we will contact clubs to gather thoughts and feedback on potential event options.

Trampoline/double mini-trampoline
The Scottish Open at the end of June has been cancelled as gymnasts will not have sufficient training time to safely prepare. There is a desire to offer some form of competitive opportunities in 2021 so if face-to-face competitions are not possible, we will look at offering a virtual event towards the end of 2021.  

There are no events planned at the moment. We will look at holding a competition towards the end of the year with the focus on participation.

Women’s artistic 
There will be no women’s artistic events up to the end of June. Return to competition would be from September but will be dependent on restrictions and the return of clubs. There may be the option of holding in house ‘national/regional’ events before September but clubs would be contacted prior to any decisions for their thoughts and feedback.

Unfortunately, there will be no 2021 primary or secondary championships. We had hoped to be able to run a schools’ Gymfest in early June, unfortunately this is not possible.  

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Dynamic Coaches Shine in 130 Awards

Dynamic Gymnastics Academy has won a £100 Kukri voucher for their outstanding contribution in our 130th anniversary recognition awards. 

Coaches from the club were involved in volunteering and fundraising to help their community by setting up a foodbank, befriending people who were lonely in lockdown and helping the elderly. They also coached online to make sure their members were staying active too. Their inspirational work in engaging the community has earned the Kukri kit voucher.

Speaking about being recognised for their work, Dynamic’s head coach Sarah Scott said: 

“Our coaches worked really hard during lockdown and they didn’t have much time off after the gym closed before heading straight into running the foodbank.

“Three mornings a week we’d all be running around the shops getting enough to feed over 100 families, then package it up and deliver after that. It is really good for the coaches to be recognised for all their efforts in doing that.

“We helped so many different people with essentials for those who were affected badly by the situation caused by Covid-19. There was a variety of referrals from social work and people who had either lost their job or fell between groups being given financial support when businesses had to close. 

“People were quite emotional, especially those at home with kids, as they had not necessarily been in a position before where they could not afford food for their children. There were families who didn’t have nappies or food for their baby, and we had some funding to help those who had their electricity cut off. 

“We also helped those who were shielding by going out to buy things like hearing aid batteries when they ran out, a white stick for a blind person who lost it, and we also helped by walking dogs or cutting grass. We did food vouchers for some of our own members’ families and helped buy Christmas presents for some who could not afford them, which the coaches contributed their own money to.

“Our coaches are an amazing group of people They don’t need to be asked twice. They found it helpful for their own mental health as it gave them purpose for their day and helped them feel positive and get through the pandemic.

“The club is certainly about more than gymnastics alone. We are a really big family.”

The awards celebrated the great work throughout the gymnastics community in Scotland in 2020 with all the winners showcased on social media in December. We wanted to end the year on a high and recognise members who made things better for those around them. 

Clubs and individuals found new ways to motivate their members and the wider community to keep spirits high and keep people active during a challenging time. As well as this, there were clubs who managed to open new gymnastics venues, find a new home for their club or improve their facilities. 

Scottish Gymnastics CEO Doc McKelvey said: “We would like to thank everyone who took the time to send in their nominations. Well done to all the winners who made such a difference in a really challenging year.

“The heart of the gymnastics community in Scotland is the people and clubs and the strength they have shown during the pandemic to keep members active and happy. They are a credit to the sport and the country. The team at Dynamic deserve congratulations for also thinking about others around them and their dedication in helping those of all ages with practical support and small acts of kindness.”

Winners of the 2020 Recognition Awards

Community Engagement:
•  Sarah Scott, Scott Hoey, Laura Curran, Lauren Graham, Julie McMonagle, Lorraine Crozier & Michelle Dinez (Dynamic Gymnastics Academy)

Club Success:
•  Aboyne Gymnastics and Trampoline Club
•  Dumfries Y Gymnastics Club
•  Flair Gymnastics Club
•  Forth Valley Gymnastics Club
•  Garioch Gymnastics Club
•  Irvine Bay Gymnastics Club 
•  Kilmarnock Acrobatic Gymnastics Club
•  Meadowbank Gymnastics Club
•  Orkney Gymnastics Club 
•  Sparta Trampoline Club 
•  Storm Gymnastics Club
•  Theresa Mitchell (Pentland Gymnastics Club)

Getting People Involved:
•  Ace Gymnastics Perth
•  Becki & John Campbell (West Lothian Gymnastics Club)
•  City of Glasgow - Disability Section
•  East Kilbride Gymnastics Club
•  Edinburgh University Gymnastics Club
•  Dynamite Gymnastics Club
•  Erin Telford (Auchterarder Gymnastics Club)
•  Grace Williams (Aboyne Gymnastics & Trampoline Club)
•  Kaylee Kemp (Enigma Gymnastics Club)
•  Melanie Stewart Wills, John Wills, Kim Beattie, Morgan James, Pamela Clarke (Banchory Trampoline & DMT Club)
•  Michael Kerrisk (Dynamite Gymnastics Club)
•  Sapphire Gymnastics Club
•  Shannon McGrath (Tay Trampoline Club)
•  Steven McKinnel & Gina True (Dumfries Y Gymnastics Club)
•  Stuart Langan (Dynamite Gymnastics Club)
•  Wendy Jane Allen (East Kilbride Gymnastics Club)
•  West Lothian Gymnastics Club
•  William Smith (Flair Gymnastics Club)

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Uist Joins The Family

We brought in the new year by welcoming Uist Gymnastics as the newest member club. The team developed their after-school club to become a thriving club with 70 members within two years, joining Scottish Gymnastics at the end of December 2020. 

Head Coach Oni Fraser, who was involved as a teacher from the beginning, tells us the story of the Hebridean club.

There had never been a gymnastics club in the Uists or Benbecula even though there is a successful club up on the Isle of Lewis.  Active Schools put a plea out for volunteers and an afterschool club was formed to begin the process and Uist Gymnastics started as an after-school club in early 2018

Securing funding was the first step along with setting up a committee and applying for charity status. The Uist Council of Voluntary Organisations was crucial in supporting our application and we received this in May 2019. This opened further doors for funding and we even secured a grant from The National Lottery to help us buy equipment.  

We relied on the school’s equipment in the beginning but through support from local businesses and their community funds, we have built up a bank of specialised equipment such as portable asymmetrical bars, competition beam, 10m inflatable tumble track and gymnastic flooring.  

Funding from sportscotland, the Uist and Barra Sports Council and our initial sponsor Voove allowed us to train two level 1 general gymnastics coaches with one going on to complete Level 2 women’s artistic the following year.  We also have seven further level 1 coaches who are awaiting assessment.  Due to our location, training has been tricky, but we have been lucky to have a gymnastics tutor who travelled to deliver the first ever course in the Southern Hebrides, as well as Scottish Gymnastics allowing our safeguarding training to be delivered online over the course of two years.

Before the lockdown we had around 70 gymnast members registered, ranging from P1 to P7.  We hope to maintain this and be able to offer preschool gymnastics once training courses resume as there is a big demand for this already.  

We have eight level 1 coaches and one level 2 delivering recreational gymnastics and we hope to continue to expand our coaching team to sustain the club and open more opportunities for gymnasts.

The club is of great importance to the community and this has been proven with the support we have received from our volunteers and sponsors.  We are offering a new sport to the island so gives young people a sport that allows them to set individual goals and build confidence and resilience.  We have enabled adults to pursue a coaching qualification and hope that we can support young people in their coaching journeys too.  

The island has successful athletics clubs on the island as well as Football clubs, along with a newly formed Swimming club which fit in well with gymnastics and the training and conditioning.  There is also competitive Irish dancing and Highland dancing and being a small community, it is easy to see how each sport feeds into one another.  

We have so many businesses to thank for their support:
Voove, MacLennans Supermarket, Loch Duart Scottish Salmon, MOWI and Heb Co along with Lochdar and Benbecula Community Councils, Uist and Barra Sports Council, UCVO, Local Council Ward Funding and Co-op Community Fund.  sportscotland and The National Lottery have also supported our journey.

We are also lucky to have a great relationship with our big sister club, Isle of Lewis Gymnastics who supported our initial coaches with their training and their head coach mentored them through their assessments even coming down to Benbecula too.  We hope to continue this relationship in the future.

Oni Fraser

Photos courtesy of Uist Gymnastics: those inside the club were taken before lockdown in March 2020. 


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First Technical Committee Members Appointed

Following our recent recruitment process for the technical committees, we are pleased to confirm the following appointments.

Chair - Andy Youl
Pathway coordinator - Fiona Fyfe
Judging coordinator - Tracey Findlay
Competition coordinator - Nicky Youl 

Men’s artistic
Chair - John Campbell
Pathway coordinator - Shona Grigor
Judging coordinator - Stephen Tonge
Competition coordinator - Christina Mason (but looking for a successor)

Chair - Ruth Wilson
Pathway coordinator - Laura Donaldson
Judging coordinator - Conor Murray
Competition coordinator - vacancy

Chair - Amanda Boucher
Pathway coordinator - Emma Edwards
Judging coordinator - Mags Kerr
Competition coordinator - vacancy

Trampoline and DMT
Chair - Lynn Simpson
Pathway coordinator - James Davidson
Judging coordinator - David Webster
Competition coordinator - Izzy Milns-Smith

Chair - Ellena Devitt
Pathway coordinator - Danielle Lessani
Judging coordinator - vacancy
Competition coordinator - Catriona Lessani

Women’s artistic
Chair - Ruth Gibson
Pathway coordinator - Becki Campbell
Judging coordinator - vacancy
Competition coordinator - vacancy

Thank you to all who applied and for such enthusiastic and interesting discussions at the interviews. The technical committees will work in partnership with the staff and board as we use each committee’s technical expertise to support the planning and development of safe, quality gymnastics programmes in Scotland. 

Head of Operations Lara Gregson said: “As we come back from what has been a challenging time for our members and our sport, I know we will be well placed with our technical committees to progress activity across our national competition programme, performance pathway, coach and judge development.

“The committees will be meeting in the coming weeks to discuss discipline plans for the year ahead and how best to support the return to the sport we all love and miss.” 

We have some gaps on certain committees. If you are interested in any of the vacant roles, please contact Lara at lara.gregson@scottishgymnastics.org. The roles can be done as a job share. 

> Find out more about the roles


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CEO message Christmas 2020

2020 has been quite a year! However, it has reminded us just how passionate and committed to gymnastics our members are.
The way our clubs kept everyone involved during lockdown to help members’ physical and mental health and well-being is a credit to the sport and the country. Our #130Awards on social media give you an idea of their amazing work which also helped families of gymnasts and the wider community.
Clubs adapted to Covid-19 restrictions to allow gymnasts to resume activity outdoors and then indoors using the step forward plan - created to protect gymnastics across the UK - and by following the frequently changing guidance.
We know how frustrating the restrictions have been but we thank you for your patience and keeping our sport safe. We will continue to share the latest Scottish Government and sportscotland regulations and guidance with you, as we have a responsibility for doing what we can to keep members safe when they are taking part in gymnastics.
It may not feel like it at the moment with the latest restrictions, but we can start to look forward to 2021 with the vaccination programme which will help us get our lives back on track. First of all, our clubs in mainland Scotland sadly have to close again for a minimum of three weeks from 26 December and those in the islands move into protection level 3 restrictions. We also need to deal with the ongoing financial implications of Covid: we are planning our activities from April accordingly and the year ahead will still face disruption before we fully have Scottish Gymnastics back to where we want to be.
The global pandemic has been challenging and I know it has been, and continues to be, more difficult for some than for others. We hope, once we start to move down the levels again, the new year will bring cheer for the clubs that are still unable to reopen and access facilities. This has been particularly hard for those involved and you have our ongoing support. We are working with the other Scottish sport governing bodies to have a stronger voice and help influence the political landscape and the top priority is facility access.
Thank you for your ongoing commitment to gymnastics during 2020. This is one of the toughest years we have had to face and not quite the celebration of 130 years of Scottish Gymnastics we had planned!
While Christmas is also not what we had hoped for, and you may not be able to spend the time you'd planned with family and friends, on behalf of the team at Scottish Gymnastics, I wish you and your family a safe, merry Christmas and a healthy, happy new year.
Doc McKelvey

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Proposals submitted to sportscotland

Scottish Gymnastics submitted a proposal to sportscotland to pilot the return of our coaching assessments which has been approved.  

The assessments will take place in the north east, south east and west of the country in January. Each pilot will have a limited number of learners and additional protocols to keep everyone in attendance safe. 

We will be contacting those awaiting assessment if a suitable pilot is available and attendance will be optional. We will share further information about the additional protocols. Please do not worry if you are not contacted about the pilot assessments or if you cannot attend the dates. The successful running of the pilots will lead to a full return of assessments. 

We also submitted other papers to sportscotland which were not approved. 

Scottish Gymnastics proposed the continuation of gymnastics activity for under 13s in local authorities in Covid-19 protection level four.  

After a number of discussions with sportscotland and the Scottish Government, we also submitted a  a paper which was a formal submission to expand the performance athlete definition for non-Olympic disciplines. This covered a limited number of gymnasts who are being considered for selection by British Gymnastics for upcoming international championships. Under current Scottish Government criteria, the performance definition means gymnasts aiming for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games selection and Scottish-based GB gymnast in the Olympic programmes. 

There are four gymnasts in TeamGym, double mini-trampoline, and tumbling who are currently impacted by travel and age restrictions which means they cannot train ahead of the European championships in April. There are four acrobatic partnerships unable to train together, with the world championships scheduled in May. 

We are disappointed that approval has not been given by sportscotland Institute of Sport for these gymnasts to be included in the performance exemption through which they would have trained under the same protocols as those in Olympic disciplines. We understand this will continue to impact Scottish gymnasts gaining selection to represent Great Britain on the world stage and we are continuing to pursue this issue. 

Along with other Scottish sport governing bodies, we are supporting sportscotland with their work on the relaxation of restrictions for over 18s activity in sport. Should this be successful, it should allow some performance athletes to resume non-contact training. The First Minister said in Tuesday’s briefing that the Scottish Government is considering the restrictions within each level over the next two weeks, and we hope sportscotland will be successful in their submission. 

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Events Update December 2020

With Christmas holidays and 2021 fast approaching and not all clubs are back to training, we wanted to provide an event update for January to March 2021. 

We have been in touch regularly with our discipline technical panels and British Gymnastics planning for 2021, to produce an event calendar within government guidelines and Covid-19 restrictions. We will finalise competition handbooks shortly which contain further information for each discipline. 

Acro Invitational usually held at the end of January will not go ahead. It would not be safe to hold this competition due to the level of gymnastics normally performed and gymnasts not being able to return to full training.

March competition:  after discussion with the panel, we would like to keep this date booked for now and potentially use it for a beginners’ competition. However, this is under constant review and details will be decided in the new year. We are looking to hold a joint NDP and FIG championship competition in June and this event will also act as a qualifier for the British NDP & IDP finals due to take place from 29 July to 1 August.

Pat Wade Classic at Telford International Centre has been postponed until 10 and 11 April. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to run Gymfest in May due to the scale of this event, but we are looking forward to November and the possibility of extending this over the Friday evening to allow for more routines. Gymfest is scheduled from 12 to 14 November 2021.

Men’s artistic
Scottish Championships: after much discussion and the postponement of the British Championships, we have decided not to hold a Scottish Championships in 2021 to allow clubs to return to training safely and not worry about trying to rush routines. We are currently looking into hosting a Scottish Open towards the end of the year to give gymnasts an opportunity to compete. Details are still to be confirmed.

Voluntary Challenge Cup:  usually held in February, will take place in June and replace the grade series 1 competition. There will only be one grades competition this year which will be a qualification for British finals.  

British Gymnastics update: work is now underway to find a way to stage the British Championships in the summer for under 12s, under 14s, and under 16s in the summer, and in the autumn for under 18s and senior age groups. We hope to be able to announce the finalised dates and venues in our next update.

The British Team Championships are still planned to take place at Sport Wales in Cardiff between 10 and 12 September.

Elite and club grades are still planned to take place at GMAC in Birmingham from 5 to7 November.

Scottish Gymnastics is currently reviewing the competition calendar for 2021. We are looking to combine the Scottish Championships and individual apparatus in September along with the potential of hosting more virtual competitions to provide competition opportunities for gymnasts earlier in the year.

British Gymnastics is hoping to hold British qualification testing on 6 and 7 February at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, although this is currently under review. Scottish Gymnastics will align with qualifications for national competitions when this review is complete.

Unfortunately, there will be no 2021 primary or secondary championships. We are hopeful we will be able to run a schools’ Gymfest in early June, however this is under constant review. Further details will be sent out nearer the time.  

Scottish Open usually held early February will not go ahead. It would not be safe to hold this competition due to the level of gymnastics normally performed and gymnasts not being able to return to full training.

There will be no Northern Qualifier held by British Gymnastics in March, although work is underway to find a reasonable route to access the British Championships in 2021.
British Championships would continue as planned as part of the Championships Series in Liverpool from 29 July to 1 August.

Trampoline/Double mini/Tumble
There will be no Scottish trampoline, DMT or tumble events between January and March to give gymnasts the longest time to get back into training after the pandemic. With Regional Team Finals being pushed back to October, the first event will be a Scottish Open at the end of June.

The Scottish Open (26 to 27 June) will also be the Regional Team Qualifier (NDP compulsory final) and will replace Scottish Nationals for 2021.  We want to encourage participation so there will be no required qualification to attend this event.  As well as being the Regional Team Qualifier, it will be open to FIG gymnasts as a preparation event for British Championships. We are keen to host all three disciplines together, however, with potential restrictions in mind, we are looking to a plan B to hold a tumble open competition around the same time in a different venue.

Women’s artistic
Scottish Championships:  after much discussion and the postponement of the British Championships, we have decided not to hold a Scottish Championships in 2021 to allow clubs to return to training safely and not worry about trying to rush routines. We are currently looking into hosting a Scottish Open towards the end of the year to give gymnasts an opportunity to compete and so we will be in touch with further details.

There will be no women’s artistic events between January and March. We are currently looking at the competition calendar starting in April however this is still under review. 

National and compulsory finals have been cancelled by British Gymnastics, therefore the dates of the national grades/compulsory, regional grades and club grade competitions in Scotland are under review and we will send out information as soon as possible.

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