Primary Teacher Training

We have developed training and resources for teachers to deliver gymnastics in Scottish primary schools. 

The resource has been designed by physical education and gymnastics specialists taking into account the national school curriculum for P1- P3 school years and the range of gymnastics experience of the children.

The programme is delivered through gymnastics clubs in the school’s local area. Clubs who successfuly apply to become a delivery centre for this programme will receive a certificate confirming they are an approved delivery centre.

We believe our member clubs are best placed to deliver this programme because they understand their own area and can easily connect with local schools and Active Schools, and it means teachers do not have to travel too far to receive the training. 

Clubs can benefit from this programme by:

  • making local connections
  • broadening the local gymnastics pathway and potential member feed to their club
  • further developing their coaches

The teacher training is based around a suggested two-hour workshop. The teachers will leave with a six-week learning block of activity aligned to the Curriculum for Excellence, health and wellbeing outcomes, and significant areas of learning and learning intentions.  

The primary Schools programme focuses on the core skills of:

  • balance
  • travelling
  • flight

The lesson plans include:

  • activity description – including warm up, focus games, stretching activities 
  • hall layout diagrams
  • photos of the activities
  • video links showing the activities
  • teaching points 

Teachers can then access the programme and further resources via Scottish Gymnastics’ online learning platform absorb.  

This sportscotland funded programme has been piloted across five local authorities with positive feedback from teachers:  

The pack, gym layout and lessons were fantastic. Really broke down the skills and reduced fear of teaching gymnastics around risk assessment

The whole six-week block was so beneficial, a really brilliant CLPL [career-long professional learning] opportunity. To see with the kids, practical, easily accessible and easy shared with colleagues

Invaluable opportunity to see how to break skills down into tiny steps that reduces fears around injury.

The application process

To apply for your club to become an approved delivery centre please read the background and guidance notes then fill out the application form and return to by Wednesday 28 August 2019


Proposed tutors who meet the minimum criteria and have relevant experience will be invited to a short interview during the week beginning 2nd September.

The process once approved
Following the approval of a club and the proposed tutor(s), the next steps to become an approved delivery partner for the P1- P3 teacher training programme will be:

  • a licensing agreement detailing how we will work together, how the programme can be used and what information is supplied to Scottish Gymnastics.
  • for selected tutors to attend a training day with Scottish Gymnastics project leads to learn more about the programme and its implementation plan.   
  • once approved we will supply the main contact details (in line with your agreement) to Active Schools Managers/Schools/Sports Development Teams for the organisation and delivery of teacher training.
  • we will review our delivery partners, in line with the licensing agreements, on an annual basis and will provide a development opportunity for all tutors as part of this.