Scottish Gymnastics Award Scheme

Recreational Gymnastics

The Scottish Gymnastics Skill Awards have enabled thousands of gymnasts across the country to develop their skills for many years. We are very proud of their success, and it has been a pleasure to see gymnasts and clubs making the most of the programme. Following a transition period through 2021, we have now decommissioned the awards - with Rise Gymnastics now taking their place.

Scottish Gymnastics skill awards are now no longer on sale. If you would like to discuss Rise Gymnastics with our team, please contact

Why are we closing the Skill Awards?

We conducted research over a two-year period to understand the use of recreational programmes across the UK. The feedback showed a need to modernise the delivery of recreational gymnastics with a joined-up programme of coaching, skill awards and competition.  We have listened to members and have now replaced the skill awards with a modern and exciting programme which we believe will appeal to clubs, coaches, and gymnasts. 

Introducing Rise Gymnastics

Rise Gymnastics is a fun-packed programme providing a progressive journey through recreational gymnastics which is exclusively available to member clubs and partners.  

Rise Gymnastics is for recreational gymnasts of all levels, offering the opportunity for new challenges while exploring a wide range of gymnastics skills learnt through teamwork and discovery.  It is fun, exciting and engaging for coaches, teachers, and instructors, as well as gymnasts and their parents and carers. The programme offers opportunities for young gymnasts to discover, explore and excel in gymnastics - no matter what their level. 

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Transition from Skill Awards to Rise Gymnastics

We understand that many gymnasts were part way through the Scottish Gymnastics Skill Award Scheme when they transitioned to Rise Gymnastics. 

The award scheme element of Rise Gymnastics includes a wide range of skills outside the scope of those covered in the former Scottish Gymnastics Skill Award Scheme. These skills are completed individually or as a pair or larger group and include core floor skills as well as skills using small or large apparatus. Gymnasts may have already achieved skills through activities and progressions, and there may be skills that gymnasts have acquired which do not sequentially transfer across to Rise Gymnastics. 

Using the tables below as guide, you can understand how to transfer gymnasts across to the right ability level in Rise Gymnastics. Ensure that you also consider social, and emotional development, such as friendship groups, the gymnast’s individual goals and their life outside of gymnastics, as well as their current skill level.

For example: 

A gymnast who was on level 2 of the Scottish Gymnastics Skill Award Scheme, would transition to Rise Gymnastics at the Explore phase - with a skill level 1 for all three strands. 

A gymnast currently on level 6 of the Scottish Gymnastics Skill Award Scheme, would transition to Rise Gymnastics at ability level 2 for Core Skills and ability level 1 for Apparatus and Working Together.

If you have any further questions about how to deliver Rise Gymnastics in your club, or how to transition your gymnasts from the Skill Awards, please get in touch with our development team via email on