Scottish Gymnastics Award Scheme

Developed to provide structured support to schools, local authorities and clubs in the development and delivery of gymnastic skills at grass roots level. 

The Award Scheme has eight progressive levels, each broken down into individual skills with progressions for the more difficult skills contained in some of the earlier levels.  There are a total of 72 skills in the Award Pack.

The different levels show pictures of what each skill should look like as well as teaching points and hints on how to correct common faults. Thus the children and teachers can clearly see what the skills should look like, and the staff are given clear instructions on how to teach each skill.Children can start the Awards at any level, although the earlier ones are usually used by primary children.

To be able to gain the Award (Badge and Certificate) the child must be able to perform the following:

  • Levels 1-4: Consist of 8 skills with the gymnast having to successfully perform any 6 of them to the standard shown on the card.

  • Levels 5-8: Consist of 10 skills with the gymnasts having to successfully perform any 7 of them to the standard shown on the card.

The scheme is supported with recognition tools in the form of certificates & badges.  


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