Aspiring Leaders Programme

This programme is an entry point to the leadership pathway and aims to bridge the gap for those who may want to go deeper on their leadership journey but cannot commit to the full year-long leadership academy or have geographical challenges in accessing other aspects of the pathway.


The programme will mostly be delivered through absorb with six modules of online learning (these will follow the competency areas from the leadership academy). This will be followed up by a classroom session to check on learning and will include a ‘what happens next’ action plan for each learner.


Learning Outcomes:

Although each online module will have its own bespoke learning outcomes the overall outcomes for this programme are to:

  • Increase confidence and competence in a range of leadership behaviours.
  • Develop commitment to continuous personal and professional development.

This programme is still in the design phase however if you are interested in this programme then please contact Jacqui Stone in the first instance to find out more: