This section contains frequently asked questions on various subjects. FAQ's will be addded on a continuous basis.

Q. Can I coach on my own?

A. NO - You should never coach on your own under any circumstances.  There must be at least two qualified coaches present at all times during a training session.  One minimum Level 2, plus one appropriately qualified assistant coach, in the disciplines being offered.

Q. I have a Safe in Your Hands award which expires in 2 years time and I am enroled onto a Level 1 coaching course.  Does my Safe in Your Hands cover me?

A. NO - All candidates enrolled onto a Level 1 course and all helpers aged 16 years+ MUST attend a Safeguarding & Protecting course to meet coaching membership and insurance requirements. 

Q. I already have a PVG through my employer, do I need one through Scottish Gymnastics?

A. YES - If you are working in a regulated role in an SG registered club, you are required to have a PVG through Scottish Gymnastics.

Q. I have attended my Level 1 coaching course but do not have a PVG through SG and I have not attended a safeguarding course.  My Head Coach has asked me to cover for a coach who is ill.  Can I do this?

A. NO - Through our Safe Recruitment Process, no club should permit a qualified coach who has no PVG through Scottish Gymnastics or has not attended a safeguarding course to coach within the club.

This section contains frequesntly asked questions on various subjects. FAQs will be addded on a continuous basis.