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Christmas 2022 PVG Processing

Please note, our last day for processing PVG applications will be Friday 16 December and will recommence processing applications on Friday 6 January 2023.

Safe Recruitment and the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG)

The information on this page provides the resources, forms and guidance clubs require to complete the safe recruitment which includes the completion of PVG checks.

> Scottish Gymnastics Safe Recruitment Policy for Clubs

Each club is responsible for ensuring all persons over the age of 16 (paid or voluntary) who work with vulnerable groups – children or adults at risk – are suitable to do so and should follow the Scottish Gymnastics safe recruitment policy.

Part of safe recruitment is ensuring that people who undertake regulated work with a protected group, children or adults within the club who require a PVG check have one.

It is an offence for clubs – as the employer – under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007, to employ someone who is barred from working with children whether in a paid or a voluntary capacity. The only way to find out whether an individual is listed or is being considered for listing, therefore barred from working with children, is through a criminal records check. 

For club helpers under the age of 16, we ask that a U16 self declaration is submitted by the club to in Word format.

Getting started with PVG

•  The club must have a safeguarding officer in place, who will act as a PVG ID checker. This role and the person carrying it out must be a registered member of Scottish Gymnastics
•  Clubs can identify more than one person to act as the club ID checker. Each person must be noted on the membership database 
•  If you are unsure how to register a safeguarding officer/ID checker or need support on completing PVG request forms or if you have any queries on the PVG process including eligibility or what constitutes regulated work, please email us at 

Completing a PVG

The PVG administration and application process changed on 1 March 2021. An online portal for the completion of PVGs was introduced when the the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Act was updated by the Scottish Parliament.

Applicants (coaches/volunteers) must complete their PVG application via the online portal.

This service allows applications to be submitted more efficiently and accurately and removes the old paper PVG forms. It is a quicker and simpler process for club safeguarding officers/ID checkers and the PVG applicants themselves and reduces errors.

PVG Application

Online PVG Application process - 8 step start to finish: 

•  Step 1: The club recruits applicant (paid or voluntary coaches and other roles) 

•  Step 2: The club safeguarding officer/ID checker downloads and completes:
       1  PVG online application request – fill in the personal details of the individual the PVG is being requested for. This form replaces the personal details supplied in the cover email previously.
       2  ID verification form to verify the applicant’s ID 
       3  Asks the applicant to complete the self-declaration document 
       •  All these forms can be completed digitally and emailed: there is no need to print these documents as typed signatures are accepted. 
       •  The club’s safeguarding officer should email all three completed and checked Word documents to 

  Step 3: Scottish Gymnastics checks the submitted forms and then sends the PVG online application request to Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services (VSDS) (or back to the club if there are errors) 

•  Step 4: Disclosure Scotland will input the data provided to Disclosure Scotland’s PVG online application portal. This generates a link that is sent to the applicant to complete their PVG online application 

•  Step 5: Applicant completes personal information via email link. Applicant information is submitted directly to Disclosure Scotland. Applicant has seven days to complete this application. Please note, the link may take up to four weeks to be sent and day one starts from the day the link is sent.

•  Step 6: Disclosure Scotland undertakes disclosure checks and issue a certificate to VSDS and the applicant.

•  Step 7: VSDS issues certificate to Scottish Gymnastics. 

•  Step 8: Scottish Gymnastics checks the PVG certificate and contacts safeguarding officer/ID checker so the club can complete the recruitment process

If the applicant does not complete the PVG application using the link within seven days, this link becomes invalid. Scottish Gymnastics would then have to re-submit the request to VSDS to issue a new link and this will incur a fee of £5.00.  If you miss your link, please contact your safeguarding officer immediately.

PVG Applications are usually processed by Scottish Gymnastics on a Friday.

If you have any issues during the process, please email for assistance.

Did you know you can see which week's applications Volunteer Disclosure Scotland are currently processing? Check here


> Online PVG application request form  
This form should be filled in by the safeguarding officer/ID checker to request a PVG check for a coach/volunteer. It includes guidance on how to complete the form. 

> PVG ID Verification form
This form is used to record the ID that has been checked and verified as part of the PVG application process

> Self-declaration form
This form should be completed by the coach/volunteer (applicant) and sent to Scottish Gymnastics by the safeguarding officer/ID checker at the same time as the online PVG application request form. If the self-declaration is not received, the PVG request will not be processed and will be returned to the safeguarding officer/ID checker.

PVG Resources

> PVG application and safeguarding training membership requirements
Guidance document outlining the different roles eg level 1 coach/head coach, helper, safeguarding officer etc, and what each role requires 

> Recruitment steps reminder 
One-page reminder of the main steps

> Common mistakes made in PVG application forms 
This goes through the most common mistakes made when completing a PVG and how to avoid them

> Removal of interest form
This form is used to list coach/volunteers who are no longer with the club and should be completed by safeguarding officer/ID checker

> Making a referral guidance
There is a legal obligation to refer an individual to Disclosure Scotland when a the behaviour of a person who works with vulnerable groups (children or adults) is harmful to them and they are removed from their role, and a set of clear criteria to explain when this is required

Additional Guidance for Transgender Applicants

Disclosure Scotland operates a special application process for transgender persons to assist in ensuring discretion for those who do not wish their previous gender (and names) to be disclosed to the person or organisation requesting the disclosure.

> Guidance for transgender applicants

Frequently Asked Questions

> More information and FAQs from Volunteer Discloser Scotland Service (VSDS)