Reporting Concerns

Protecting Gymnasts

Sometimes we see or hear something that makes us a bit uneasy and we're not sure what to do about it. Do we keep quiet and hope someone else will complain, or do we tell the people who have the experience to investigate? 

If you have a concern, or see something that concerns you, we ask that you please speak up. 

You can talk through any concerns you may have by getting in touch with a member of the Scottish Gymnastics safeguarding team. You can email or call them - you can find their contact details on our staff page. You can also learn the skills to help with one of our safeguarding courses. You can view more infomation about the available courses below.

> Meet the Scottish Gymnastics Safeguarding Team
> Scottish Gymnastics Safeguarding Course Information

Unsure where to start with reporting concerns? Take a look at the incident report templates below, and get in touch with our safeguarding team to discuss. 

> Incident Report form for Clubs
> Incident Report form for Parents & Guardians

Please add as much information as you can to the incident report form.  You can email completed incident reports to and a member of the team will be in touch. If you have an immediate concern about the safety of a child, or vulnerable person, you should contact the police on 101 or 999

Responding to Concerns

You can view the below reporting concerns flow charts, to help you understand the process of reporting safeguarding concerns. 

Responding to child concerns  Responding to coach concerns