The club’s committee is responsible for the overall management of the club.  The committee must act in the best interests of the club, driving the club forwards to achieve the vision.

The officers that make up the committee will vary club to club depending on a number of factors; business structure, size of club, operational hours etc.  The key roles that are required for membership are Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Safeguarding Officer (with relevant safeguarding training).  

Other roles that could be part of a committee include, Head Coach, Competition and Events Organiser, Fundraising Officer, Volunteer Coordinator and so on.  This list gives some examples of roles that clubs have created in order to improve the running of their affairs; it is important that the committee positions in your club reflect the needs of the club. 

All club committee members must be affiliated to Scottish Gymnastics and have clearly set roles and responsibilities. 

It is important that the members of your committee are able to effectively contribute and are not overburdened by the workload and amount of roles or activities that they engage with.  Try to make sure when recruiting people to the committee that they have the skillset suited to the role they will be undertaking.  Consider the number of roles one person can carry out.

More information on club committees, including role descriptions can be found HERE