When starting a new club, it’s important to think about where the club will be based. There are a number of options available and what might be right for one club may not be for another.

Examples of suitable venues include schools, sports centre, Community Centre, dedicated gymnastics facilities.

It is important to consider the factors below when looking for a venue:

  • Access and the ability to expand the programme to meet the needs of a growing club – Would you be able to get more time, additional days, extend the current hours you have? Is there enough space to offer the disciplines the club want to offer at the level you want to offer?

  • Is there sufficient equipment?

  • How can you maximise the use of the space through clever programming and planning

SG regards the health, safety and wellbeing of all members to be of paramount importance and should not be compromised.  Information on minimising the risk to gymnasts through appropriate coaching qualifications, gymnast:coach ratios and more can be found here