Aims, Values, Vision, and Objectives

When starting a new club it is vital that the overall aims and objectives of the club are set out clearly.


What is the main aim of the club? Why does it exist?

What is it? This is why your club exist. Why do you do what you do and to what end?!
For example ‘we want to be the biggest gymnastics club in the area offering a full range of disciplines to all ages’ 
Why is it important? Without having this ultimate mission for the club you may end up failing to deliver in some key areas. This is the driving force for the club and should be used when considering the vision and objectives.



What are the values of the club? What standards are you setting?

What is it? This is the behaviours and morals of the club. What is important to the club and why. They are the set values you want all personnel to embody.
For example to teach, empower gymnasts, nurture, develop, awesome customer service, passion etc.
Why is it important? This is as important as your visual club branding. Your values becomes your behavioural branding, how people see you both internal and external of the club. It is extremely important to have the right set of values that matters to the club and you are proud to be associated with. It will breed consistent behaviours amongst staff and will improve morale.



What is the vision of the club? What do you want to achieve?

What is it? This is what you want to achieve and when. This should also be done with the values of the club and help deliver the mission. It is setting out your direction for the next few years that is specific to your club but should be very clear.
For example ‘We want to have our own, fully fitted gymnastics facility within the next 5 years that offers non-membership income opportunities’
Why is it important? It is essential to have a vision so you, as a club are working towards the same thing. This should be a shared vision amongst the key stakeholders (committee/board etc.). If you have a shared vision then you can set detailed objectives that will help to deliver this.



What are the objectives of the club? What will you do to deliver the vision?

What is it? This is setting out clear objectives that will help to deliver the vision of the club. The objectives need to be extremely detailed and well thought out including information such as: outcomes, how it will be achieved, people involved, budgets, deadlines etc.
For example ‘Increase cash reserves to over £60k to allow facility project to successfully progress’
Why is it important? Without setting objectives for the club there is a danger key tasks will not be done, therefore missing deadlines and future opportunities. Things can take time so forward planning is essential to ensure the club are meeting targets.