Local Demand & Market Research

It’s a good idea to thoroughly research clubs in your area to check whether any already exist, mainly to ensure that you don’t duplicate an  existing activity.  If a club already exists in your chosen area, you might consider joining forces and starting up a new group or satellite session as part of the existing club or introducing a new discipline to the club.

Key questions to look into:

  • What opportunities are already available in the local area? 
  • Is there already a similar club? 
  • How far away is the nearest club that provides this activity?
  • Is there demand for a new club in your area?  Can you demonstrate this?
  • Will the costs for your club be competitive with other local clubs?  Will the club be viable?
  • Who are the potential members (gymnasts) of your club and where they will come from?

Possible areas for intelligence:

Active Schools in Your Area, Local Sports Development Team, Scottish Gymnastics.


You can find out about gymnastics clubs in your area HERE.