Competition Rules & Technical Information

Essential information for the Domestic and National Competition Programme

Championship events

NDP Grades & Compulsory


Floor & Vault

Bonus for Scottish National Championships (Update March 2020)

Compulsory Levels and NDP Grades rules can be accessed via BG.

2021 Classic Challenge Championships (September 2021)

Floor and Vault Tariff Sheets 

Junior British Championships 2020 

National 5 Prep - Rules and Judging Guidlines (February 2018)


Classic Floor and Vault rules (13 August 2021)

Senior British Championships 2019 (October 2018)

National Elite Compulsory Levels 2018-2021: Compulsory 1 (September 2017


Beginner Floor and Vault Rules (updated August 2021)


Compulsory Levels and NDP Grades Update (January 2017)


Intermediate Floor and Vault Rules (updated 7 Sept 2021) 


NDP Grades 2017 Update (December 2016)


Advanced Floor and Vault Rules (Updated 7 Sept 2021)


Compulsory Level 5 Rules (updated January 2016)



More information can be found on British Gymnastic website.