Women's Artistic Competition Rules & Technical Information

Domestic and National Competition Programme Information

> Scottish Gymnastics Women's Artistic Competiton Handbook

Women's Technical Committee Update (British Gymnastics)

Please see the latest updates from the British Gymnastics women's artistic technical committee below. 

> Women's Technical Committee Update 32 (Ocotber 2022)

Women's Classic Challenge Rules - March 2022

We have received an update on the women's artistic classic challenge championships in 2022. The following can be accessed on the British Gymnastics website. This update comes from the British technical committee, and replaces the update we shared in November 2021. 

> View the Women's Classic Challenge Championships 2022 Update [NEW]

FIG Update - FAQ on New Code of Points

Following a judges meeting, the FIG have published an FAQ document, to ensure a clear understanding of the rules for women's artistic. All coaches and judges can now access a presentation regarding 'artistry explanation' - with a link provided to the resource in the below FAQ document:

> FAQ Document & Resource Link [NEW]

Compulsory and Voluntary Levels

Please note that the Compulsory Levels document has been updated for 2022. You can view this via the British Gymnastics Academy. ​If you were previously enrolled in the course, you can access this in the academy via your GymNET. If you are new to the resource, you can enrol yourself by logging in. You can access the files by using the links below.

Compulsory Levels for 2022
Voluntary Levels for 2022

Compulsory 5 rules and resources can be found below.

Compulsory 5 (February 2022)
Compulsory 5 Rules and Judges Guidelines 
Watch the Compulsory 5 Bars Video

Women's Artistic Competition Rules and Documents

Please note that this table is regularly updated with documents relating to competitions and events for women's artistic. If you cannot find the resources you are looking for, please contact the team on events@scottishgymnastics.org


NDP Grades & Compulsory Levels

Voluntary Levels

Floor & Vault


Compulsory 5 Rules and Judges Guidelines

2022 Classic Challenge (August 2022)[NEW]

Beginner Floor and Vault Rules (October 2022 Version 2)


Register to get Compulsory Levels (2021-25) and NDP Grades (2018-21) resources via BG Academy

Voluntary Levels 2022 (December 2021)

Intermediate Floor and Vault Rules (October 2022 Version 2)


National 5 Prep - Rules and Judging Guidelines (February 2018)


Advanced Floor and Vault Rules (October 2022 Version 2)


National Elite Compulsory Levels - Level 1 (2018-21)


Floor and Vault Tariff Sheets (June 2022)


Compulsory Levels and NDP Grades Update (January 2017)

NDP Grades Update (December 2016)


Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Rules Update (May 2022)





Classic Floor and Vault Rules (August 2021)




Beginners Floor and Vault Rules (August 2021)




Intermediate Floor and Vault Rules (September 2021)




Advanced Floor and Vault Rules (September 2021)

More information can be found on British Gymnastics website.