Performance Pathway Programmes

COVID-19: All performance programmes and national gymnastics events have been suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions until further notice.  

Acrobatic Performance Programme

The acrobatics performance programme works towards providing clear opportunities across all levels in order to drive the development of both athletes and coaches into the British Gymnastics pathway.  

These activities have been designed in line with the strategic plan between the acrobatic technical panel, Scottish Gymnastics performance team and and input from the acrobatic national technical lead, Ian Said. 

The Performance Programme consists of:

  • National Performance Programme (NPP)
  • Performance Pathway Programme (PPP)
  • Development Pathway Programme (DPP)


National Performance Programme (NPP)
The National Performance Programme (NPP) provides long term athlete development support to selected FIG partnerships who are competing at British Gymnastics events. The primary goal of the NPP is to support partnerships working towards BG Selection Events. The NPP will have a National Technical Lead during the session who shall provide mentoring and support to coaches in attendance at the NPP.  It is the responsibility of the Personal Coach to submit an application, on a partnership basis, to the NPP. The eligibility criteria to apply for the NPP is detailed in the acrobatic programme summary below. 


Performance Pathway Programme (PPP)
The Performance Pathway Programme (PPP) targets the development of coaches and gymnasts on the competitive performance pathway. The content of the programme is made up of pathway camps with the national technical lead, specific to the needs of the discipline.  With this support, enthusiastic coaches are developing the knowledge and skills to gain the coaching expertise necessary to achieve increased success at British competition and greater representation in British squads.  Pathway camps provide a platform of training that looks to widen the base of the talent pool and improve the quality within it. The PPP specifically focuses on FIG 11-16 and FIG 12-18.  The eligibility criteria to apply for the PPP is detailed in the acrobatic programme summary below. 


Development Pathway Programme (DPP)
The aim of the new development programme (DPP) is to support coaches and gymnasts in developing the basic skills right at an early age and help the gymnasts and coaches to develop and progress on the performance pathway effectively, under the leadership of Ian Said, the national technical lead. Ian will lead this programme as he does with the PPP and NPP, and provide consistent excellent technical support for personal coaches and their gymnasts leading to longer term success on the world stage at both junior and senior levels.  The acro development pathway programme will have an emphasis and priority to partnerships working towards FIG 11-16 years and who are currently competing at NDP Grade 4, Youth and NDP Grade 5.  More information can be found below.


Cancellation Guidelines for Performance Activities
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