Performance Pathway Programme

The Performance Pathway Programme (PPP) targets the development of coaches and gymnasts on the competitive performance pathway. The content of the programme is made up of Pathway Camps with a National Technical Lead specific to the needs of the discipline. With this support, enthusiastic coaches are developing the knowledge and skills to gain the coaching expertise necessary to achieve increased success at British competition and greater representation in British squads.

Pathway Camps provide a platform of training that looks to widen the base of the talent pool and improve the quality within it.

Eligibility and Seclection Criteria

Please see the Acrobatic Programme Summary and profile forms to be considered for selection on the Performance Programme page.  The PPP specifically focuses on FIG 11 -16 and FIG 12 - 18.

Performance Activity

PPP activity will take place in a series of Camps with a focus on coach development in order to further benefit the gymnasts.