Pathway Programme

The Performance Pathway Programme targets the development of coaches and gymnasts on the competitive pathway. The content of the programme comprises of Pathway Camps and Clinics with expert technical input specific to the needs of the discipline. The British national coaching team support this programme whereby coaches can follow the UK’s continually advancing best practice systems. With this support, enthusiastic coaches are developing the knowledge and skills to gain the coaching expertise necessary to achieve increased success at British competition and greater representation in British squads.

Pathway Clinics specifically help coaches to gain the confidence to deliver excellent foundation skills required for quality results at National Grade competition; to understand and improve the preparation of gymnasts for competition; and also to nurture the ambition to develop gymnasts with long term involvement and success in the sport. Pathway Camps provide a platform of training that looks to widen the base of the talent pool and improve the quality within it.

A series of training camps led by a team of experts at South Essex Gymnastics Club (home of World Champion Max Whitlock and his coach Scott Hann) features prominently as part of this. These camps are attended by a select group of gymnasts and coaches where an ethos of hard work and continuous improvement is required from those gymnasts identified through the grades competition system. 

Notice: British Gymnastics offers coaches opportunity to attend MEN’S ARTISTIC PERFORMANCE PATHWAY OPEN DAYS

Issued April 2016 - As part of the BG Men’s Artistic Performance Pathway Programme for 2016, enrolment is open for Club Open Day 2 and 3! Please open this document and follow the instructions if you wish to apply to access these opportunities made available by BG. Please also have a look at the BG MA PPP open day calendar (issued April 2016 - please check the BG website for up to date information).

2016-17 Performance Pathway Programme in Partnership with South Essex Gymnastics Club

The Performance Pathway Programme (PPP) has been shaped to strengthen the performance development of our coaches and gymnasts within the MAG programme and their club training environment. In partnership with South Essex GC (home of Olympic medallist Max Whitlock), we are once again pleased to confirm that this programme will run for 2016-17 as a series of training camps lead by Scott Hann and his team of experts. The camps are for the top performers on the Elite Grades Pathway and their coaches. Additional coaches may be able to attend for their development, clubs should contact the Performance team for more information.

South Essex MA PPP Information Document - the information in this document outlines the selection criteria and the detail for the programme.

Coach Development Opportunity South Essex PPP attendance - Information and application form

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