Rhythmic Judging

In late 2021, we brought you some information sessions on the changes we'll see in the 2022-2024 code of points. The sessions were open to both judges and coaches, and were delivered by our education team. Please note that these sessions did not cover the full code in each area, but focused on the changes, and specific things to consider. If you would like to hear more information about these sessions, please contact coacheducation@scottishgymnastics.org

For judge re-validation, the process as outlined by British Gymnastics should still be followed, further information on this can be found below, with more information available by emailing coacheducation@scottishgymnastics.org

GBR Revalidation & Judging Education Structure

In order to continuing judging in the next cycle (i.e. starting 1 January 2022 and including the zonal grades to be held in February 2022), all judges will need to revalidate their British Gymnastics’ judging award.  
Each judge who wishes to revalidate will need to: 
- Enrol on a revalidation course and pay the requisite fee via the British Gymnastics website
- Complete an online, on-demand course(s) in their own time, which will be made available on the British Gymnastics Academy
- Pass a practical exam which will be held online in real time. 
We are also taking this opportunity to adjust the content of the different levels of judging award in this country, to help upskill judges and therefore ensure that there are enough judges who are able to judge the different aspects of the judging panel. 
The new structure, which will become effective upon revalidation and aligns with the new code of points, is as follows (the changes to the current structure are highlighted in red): 
- Club Judge:  Individual and Group Generalities, and Individual Execution 
- County Judge: Individual Artistry and Group Technical Faults 
- Regional Judge: Group Artistry and Individual Difficulty of the Body 
- National Judge: Group Difficulty of the Body, Individual Difficulty of the Apparatus and Group Difficulty of the Apparatus 

Online Revalidation Exams
The online revalidation courses will be made available for existing judges to enrol upon from 1 December 2021 via the British Gymnastics’ Academy. There will be four online courses in total. Club judges will need to enrol upon and complete the first one only; county judges will need to enrol upon and complete the first two, regional judges the first three, and national judges all four.  
The first practical exam will be on Individual Execution and will be held live on Wednesday 15 December 2021 at 7pm, and last approx. 30 minutes. All judges (club, county, regional and national) will need to attend this, so please put the time in your diary now. The second practical exam will be on Individual Artistry and Group Technical Faults, and will be held live on Saturday 15 January 2022, time TBC. All county, regional and national judges will need to attend this. 

The third practical exam will be on Group Artistry and Individual DB, and will be held live on Saturday 15 January 2022, time TBC (but a short gap after the second exam). All regional and national judges will need to attend this. The fourth practical exam will be on Group DB, Individual DA and Group DA, and will be held live on Saturday 15 January 2022, time TBC (but after a short gap after the third exam). All national judges will need to attend this. 

- Judges must complete the online on-demand course before the corresponding practical exam. 
- The practical exams will be held in live time and will require judges to watch routines and submit their scores electronically (via a link that will be provided). It is recommended that you have access to a second device in order to submit your score more easily. 
- There is no theory exam to revalidate your judging award, though the online on-demand courses will contain quiz questions which you can attempt multiple times if you wish. 
- It is not possible to upgrade your level of judging qualification upon revalidation. 
- If a judge does not wish to revalidate at their current level, it will be possible for them to revalidate at a lower level.  
- If you already hold a British Gymnastics judging award (including if it was granted on the basis of an award obtained overseas) you must revalidate according to the British Gymnastics system as outlined above. It is not possible for you to revalidate overseas and then apply for British Gymnastics to recognise your award.  
Please note that the above revalidation requirements do not apply to current brevet judges who wish to revalidate their brevet awards – they will follow the FIG revalidation process.

> Current FIG rhythmic judge rules
> Current FIG rhythmic code of points

For further information on rhythmic gymnastics judging, please email the technical committee judging coordinator: conorm94@hotmail.co.uk