Schools Competitions

2020-23 Events Update

(Page Last Updated: 16 August 2022)

Following a British Schools Gymnastics Association (BSGA) executive committee meeting, and in consultation with the BSGA individual discipline technical committees, BSGA has taken the tough decision to cancel all competitions/events for the 2020/21 and 2022 season (1 Sep 20 to Aug 22).

As a result, we have also taken the decision to cancel all schools competition/ events for the 2020-2022 too. By cancelling all schools gymnastics events for the 2020-22 academic years, we remove all uncertainty for you, our schools. This allows you to focus on your own challenges, to deal with the return of gymnastics in your schools. We have subsequently madethe decision to cancel schools competitions and display events in the 2022-23 financial year. We will still be running gymfest in November and April - which school groups can enter. You can find more information about our upcoming gymfest events by clicking on the display section of our website. 

Please contact events@scottishgymnastics for more information.