Scottish Gymnastics Handbook
The 2020 TeamGym Competition Handbook is now available to download HERE.

  • Version 1 - Original (13 December 2019)

  • Version 2 (15 January 2020)
    Changed to 130 years celebration logo
    Update to competition levels in East of Scotland (pg. 22)
    North of Scotland (pg. 25) West of Scotland (pg. 26)

  • Version 3 (4 February 2020)
    Update to primary age category in East (pg. 22)
    North (pg. 25)
    West Micro (pg. 26)

  • Version 4 (13 March 2020) - Change of date to West of Scotland micro

British Gymnastics Handbook
The 2020 TeamGym Competition Handbook is available to download HERE

You can download the following TeamGym documents

Update on Triple Somersaults License (Licensing Procedure) in TeamGym
The following document guides coaches and gymnasts through the Triples Licensing Procedure, designed to ensure safety, competence & good practice. The process outlines a path for both coach and gymnast to follow on this path, instructions to begin this process can be found in the document below; 

Coaches and gymnasts should familiarise themselves with the prerequisites stated in the licensing procedure and follow the instructions in the document if you meet the criteria. 

TeamGym ‘Coach for Coaches’ document has been updated and is now available on the British Gymnastics website below;


Body Piercing and Adornments Policy (Updated)

This policy applies to all participants and coaches.  

Body piercing and adornments policy

Clothing Attire At Events for Gymnastics Policy 

Clothing Attire At Events for Gymnastics Policy