Development Programme

TeamGym Summer Training Camps 2017

Delivered by Technical Experts from Denmark -Mikael Boamah, Thomas Kent and Lars Nielsen

Camp 1 Camp 2
31 July & 1 August 2 to 4 August
Age 9 to 11 (Primary Age Group) Age 12+

Cost:  Gymnast - £100 / Coach - £30

Cost: Gymnast - £150 / Coach - £45

Minimum Skill Requirement: Round off Flip

Minimum Skill Requirement: Straight Salto on Trampet & Tumble



Personal coaches are required to attend the training camp alongside any gymnasts entered. Coaches must not exceed a ratio of 1 to 6 gymnasts. Coaches are welcome to attend without gymnasts as an opportunity for observation, learning and development. All coaches in attendance are required to have a valid SG Safeguarding Award and have a PVG Disclosure through SG. Coaches should not exceed a ratio of 1:6 gymnasts.


The following membership requirements applies to all coaches and gymnasts attending the camp:

  • Gymnasts performing skills above level 4, from the British Modified Code, must have a minimum of SG & BG Silver Club membership otherwise SG & BG Bronze membership is required
  • Level 1 coaches must have SG & BG Silver Club membership
  • Level 2 coaches must have SG & BG Gold Rolling membership

Closing Date: 30 June 2017 (5pm)

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