Performance Programme

Scottish Gymnastics is pleased to launch the first Performance Pathway Programme for Teamgym in Scotland.

The programme has been designed and developed in line with the strategic plan by the Teamgym Technical Panel, Scottish Gymnastics Performance Team, National Technical Lead Chris Short and Assistant Technical Lead Tracey Brown.

The Teamgym Performance Programme works towards providing clear opportunities across all levels in order to drive the development of both athletes and coaches through the following activities:

  • National Performance Programme (NPP)
  • Performance Pathway Programme (PPP)
  • Development Programme

In line with the Scottish Gymnastics strategic plan (2015-2027), our long term aim is to expand the talent pool and develop Scottish gymnasts to British and World performance level. 

The summary document below details Performance Pathway Programmes for Teamgym:

Teamgym Performance Programme Overview

Teamgym Programme Application

Applications are now open for the retest/access day taking place on Sunday 25th November for the remainder of the 2018-19 programme.