Moratorium on Triple Somersaults in TeamGym

Further to the release of the latest UEG Code of Points for TeamGym, and the inclusion of Triple Somersaults, British Gymnastics/Scottish Gymnastics wishes to issue the following statement.

TeamGym Gymnastics should be supervised by a coach holding an appropriate British Gymnastics/Scottish Gymnastics qualification. They may exceed their qualification as part of the process of gaining the next qualification, but only under the mentorship of an appropriately qualified coach. The mentor coach is responsible for any delegation of duties to the trainee coach.

All coaches/gymnasts/clubs should note that the current Level 5 (HPC) qualification does not allow for any Triple Somersaults to be taught or competed in any instance, either within or outside of the United Kingdom. For this reason, British Gymnastics, with the agreement of its TeamGym National Technical Committee, has placed a moratorium on the coaching of Triple Somersaults until such time as a process can be agreed to ensure the safety of the gymnast and/or coach in accordance with;

-British Gymnastics Health, Safety and Welfare Policy January 2012; section 3.1 Safety in Coaching

-UEG TeamGym Code of Points Article 11 – the Golden Rule

You can download the following TeamGym documents;

GFA Level 6 Rules

GFA Level 5 Rules

British TeamGym Code 2017

Floor Tariff Sheet

Trampette Tariff Sheet

Tumble Tariff Sheet

UEG Code of Points