Development Programme

Calendar of Development Events 2018

Date Event Location Closing date Entry Link
16 to 17 Jul

Summer Camp 1 


Dick McTaggart 2 July 



18 to 20 Jul Summer Camp 2 (12+) Dick McTaggart 2 July



TBC - 30 Sept  Handling & Conditioning Workshop Dick McTaggart 27 Aug 12noon Coming Soon






Entry Information:

Who can enter?

Entries are the responsibility of the club, not the gymnasts. As such only those who have been granted event entry access permissions by their club will be able to submit the entry for the club. Access levels can be given to any member within the club through the GymNET portal by clicking on access levels within the club management tab.

Where do I find the workshops?

Log in to GymNET

Go to the club management tab, choose event entry from the drop down

Search the event name (see above)

Click the green cross button of the workshops you wish to enter.

What are my payment options?

Payment for SG development events must be made at the time of entry through GymNET by either credit card or debit card. BACS and cheque can no longer be accepted.

Submitting Coaches

Coach requirements must be met per development event requirements. If you have an issue getting a coach onto an development event please contact as soon as possible. All issues need to be rectified before entry closing date.

Entry Guide

To view the comprehensive British Gymnastics online entry guide, giving you a detailed step by step tutorial of the full entry process CLICK HERE

The entry guide linked above should be sufficient to allow you to navigate your way around the online system.


If you have any queries then please direct them to or call 01312719750.