National Performance Programme

National Technical Advisor – Chris Short

Assistant Technical Advisor - Tracey Brown

The National Performance Programme (NPP) for Teamgym will commence for the first time in Scotland in August 2018.  The National Technical Advisor and Assistant Technical Advisor will lead a performance pathway programme which is about establishing a sustainable system to develop gymnasts and coaches capable of International success. The programme is as much about developing the personal coaches as it is to support the advancement of our gymnasts.

The NPP has been designed to strengthen performance development of our coaches and gymnasts within the Teamgym programme and to continue this learning within the club training environment; our Technical Advisor, Chris Short, and Assistant Technical Lead, Tracey Brown, will guide and lead the programme which will have an ethos of hard work and continuous improvement required from gymnasts and coaches who are selected.


Programme Activity

A series of non-residential camps will be run to provide opportunities for identified gymnasts and for all coaches to provide long term development.  The camps will take place at suitable training venues depending on the focus of the camps on the following dates:

Saturday 25th / Sunday 26th August

Saturday 27th / Sunday 28th October

Retest/Access day - Sunday 25th November