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Women’s Artistic National Performance Programme (NPP) - Key Information

WAG National Performance Programme

The selection criteria for the Women’s Artistic National Performance Programme for 2019-20 is now available below. 

​WAG NPP Selection Criteria & Programme Information

WAG NPP Athlete Development Plan 


Application Timeline - Access Day Friday 20th September, 2019 Inverclyde NSTC

9th September, 2019 - Coaches to submit Athlete Development Plan for gymnasts (including wildcard applications)

13th September, 2019 Invitations sent to coaches for confirmed gymnasts

20th September, 2019 - Access Day (10:00 - 16:00 - Inverclyde NCSTC)

National Technical Advisor – Claire Starkey

The National Performance Programme (NPP) for Women’s Artistic launched in January 2015, with a new approach, a new Technical lead and a new format of delivery. The new approach to performance which Scottish Gymnastics are establishing is to create a sustainable system to develop gymnasts and coaches capable of International success. The programme is as much about developing the personal coaches as it is to support the advancement of our gymnasts; this means learning can be sustained and transitioned into our club network. 

The NPP has taken shape to strengthen performance development of our coaches and gymnasts within the Women’s Artistic programme and the club training environment; our Technical Advisor, Claire Barbieri, is guiding and leading the programme with an ethos of hard work and continuous improvement required from gymnasts and coaches who are identified from trial.

The programme is focused on gymnasts in the compulsory 2 / FIG age group set up who have met the specific criteria set and been successful from trial.

Personal coaches and gymnasts in the NPP will be supported by direct communication with the National Technical Advisor for video analysis, phone calls and advice to provide support in between training camps. It is encouraged that personal coaches liaise with the advisor to demonstrate progress against targets and competition outcomes.  

Cancellation Guidelines for Performance Activities

For more information on our cancellation guidelines and policies, please click here.