Scottish Gymnastics have partnered with sportscotland who offer eligible coaches additional funding towards the costs of courses.  Together, we recognise the importance of accessible and affordable courses being available to coaches who are involved in Gymnastics.

Applications must be submitted separately via their organisations website -
•   sportscotland who offer UKCC Funding (Level 1 and 2 ONLY - Level 3 applications will be automatically rejected).  Applications must be submitted AT LEAST 4 weeks before the start of the course otherwise it will be automatically rejected 


Applicants must be eligible to receive either one or both of these sources of funding.
Check if you are eligible to apply for UKCC funding, ITA funding or both here.

Please note: 
•   sportscotland and SDS are two different organisations who offer these funding opportunities

•   At present, there is no subsidy funding available for our Level 3+ courses with sportscotland - any applications will be automatically rejected


Candidates must book onto a course prior to applying for funding and full payment will be required at this time.  Any subsidy awarded will be refunded upon receipt of confirmation of award from sportscotland.

sportscotland - UKCC Subsidy

How to Apply

Coaches can apply for funding using sportscotland’s online application portal. You will first need to register your details here before logging onto the system.

Once registered, you can visit the sportscotland website that will direct you to the login portals. 

Please note, it is extremely important that you meet the eligibility criteria.  Please read our eligibility document carefully.  If you do not meet the requirements, your application will be rejected and may mean you are too late to reapply.

Should you have any questions about the UKCC funding then please contact or if your query is of a technical nature regarding the online portal, please contact