Performance Coach Development Programme

Applications for the 2019-2021 programme are now CLOSED. If you have any questions about the programme please email Giles Lomax ( 

Scottish Gymnastics has created a tiered performance coach development programme to provide a comprehensive, bespoke and individualised support system for identified coaches across all disciplines who have the potential to achieve British and Scottish medal success. 

Each coach receives support tailored to their development plan to meet their needs and future aspirations.

We support each coach to engage in world-class education by providing formal and informal learning opportunities, subsidised support through qualifications, help to improve self-understanding and self-regulation, technical mentoring opportunities and enhance your overall coaching practice. The programme doesn't involve you sitting in workshops or attending lectures, each coach is in control of their learning journey!

Each individual development plan will be agreed between you, Scottish Gymnastics and your supporting club over a minimum of two years.

So what does the actual programme look like? 

  • Delivered over a two-year period, the programme will accelerate the development of coaches by providing them with the skills, knowledge and experiences to deliver consistent results within a high-performance context
  • Each coach will complete a 360° analysis of their current coaching practice exploring their strengths, weakness, values and behaviours and overall target/aims
  • Each coach’s support will be classified based on whether they are currently operating at podium, podium potential or progression level aligned to the performance plan outcomes - see support classification below
  • An agreed subsidy will be offered based on the classification of the coach. Podium up to 75%, podium potential up to 60% and progression up to 50% subsidy for all agreed activity.
  • A tailored support programme will be created in partnership between Scottish Gymnastics, the coach and the supporting club.
  • Each coach will receive significant support both financially and from technical, and non-technical experts including mentors and discipline specific national technical advisors to enhance their overall coaching practice.
  • The coach will work closely with the performance coach development manager to develop their non-technical coaching skills, performance behaviours and enhance their reflective practice.
  • The coach will work closely with the performance department to ensure their coaching practice aligns to the Scottish Gymnastics philosophy of ‘athlete-focused, coach-led and performance-driven’ and discipline-specific performance pathway.

Support classification 

The number of years to medal success refers to how far away gymnasts are from achieving that goal. i.e. coaches in the podium tier are working with gymnasts who are likely to achieve British and Scottish medal success in four to six years.