Positive Coaching

This British Gymnastics e-learning module focuses on your role as a coach in the safe and positive development of your participants. It explores the development of belief systems, in particular your beliefs about success and failure, and how these impact you and your participants. The course provides detail on strategies you can use to understand your beliefs and ensure you are positive in your coaching. 

This e-learning is exclusive to and compulsory for British and Scottish Gymnastics member coaches who hold a level 2 (or equivalent) or above qualification in any gymnastics discipline. It must be completed once and must be before you renew your membership. 

Course Details




Exclusive and mandatory for Scottish Gymnastics coaches who are level 2 and above in any discipline. 

How to Enrol

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1. Identify the challenges you face as a coach.

2. Describe your key coaching responsibilities. 

3. Recognise how different beliefs about success and failure impact your participants' thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and your coach-participant relationship. 

4. Identify your goal orientation and how it impacts your coaching. 

5. Describe a variety of positive coaching strategies. 

6. Apply the knowledge gained to evaluate your coaching and create suitable action plans to ensure you are positive in your coaching. 


The course is three e-learning modules. Each module provides an approximate time for completion and if you need to take a break it will save your progress.