Education FAQs

Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Q.  How much do courses cost?

A. Level 1 costs £350 for members and £450 for non-members. Level 2 costs £520 and £620 for non-members. All other courses vary depending on discipline. Sportscotland subsidy is available for both Level 1, Level 2 and preschool courses. 


Q. Can I get sportscotland subsidy for my Level 3 course

A. Sportscotland do not currently provide subsidy for our Level 3 courses. 


Q. Where do I find course information?

A: A list of all courses can be found on the “Find a Course” page on the SG website.  If you are interested in a course, click “Book Now” to be directed to the course page.


Q. How do I book the course?

A: Once on the course page click enrol and follow the steps detailed on the Course Booking Video found on the “Find a Course” page.


Q. Can I book for other coaches?

A: Yes, any registered member can book for any other registered member within the club(s) they are linked to.


Q.  What payment methods can I use?

A:  You will require a debit or credit card to make payment.


Q.  Do I need to make the full payment?

A:  Yes, full payment is required at the time of booking.  Otherwise your place on the course will not be reserved.  


Q.  Why have I been charged the non-member fee?

A. Coaches who are not members or have the incorrect level of membership at the time of booking will be charged the non-member fee.  The difference will only be refunded if this is resolved before the start date of the course.


Q. What if I have subsidy?

A: We accept sportscotland subsidy and local authority funding.  Once subsidy confirmation has been received from sportscotland, the Education Team will contact you for your bank details and liaise with finance to arrange your refund.  We will issue a refund of the subsidy amount within 14 working days.


Q. What if I am booking through a Local Authority?

A: Local Authority coaches are not required to become members to book a course, but will be charged the non-member rate.  Coaches will need to pay the course fee at the time of booking with a debit/credit card.


Q. How many places are left on a course?

A: When booking online the number of places is displayed on the course enrolment page.  If this course is full this will also be displayed here and you will have the option to join the waiting list.


Q. What if I want to cancel?

A: Details regarding cancellations and transferring on to other courses can be found within the Education Terms and Conditions.  


Q.  When will I receive my course pack?

A. You will receive an email confirming your place on the course soon after booking.  Your pack will be sent to you, around two weeks prior to the course start date.


Q.  I hold an Level 2 gymnastics qualification and wish to attend another Level 2, am I required to attend the day one?

A. The day one of the Level 2 course is generic; therefore it is not essential that you attend. However Scottish Gymnastics advise all candidates to attend all days of our courses.


Q.  I want to transfer disciplines do I need to start at Level 1?

A. This will depend on the qualification you already hold and which discipline you are transferring into.  For more details a discipline transfer matrix can be found on the British Gymnastics website.


Q.  Do I need to bring gymnasts to the course and assessment? 

A. Yes, you are required to bring gymnasts to both days of a Level 1 course and days 2, 3 and 4 of a level 2.You will also be required to bring at least 2 gymnasts to your assessment.


Q.  How long will it take to receive my certificate?

A. It can take around 8 weeks for certificates to be processed through SQA.