Learn to coach

Our learn to coach is an introductory award which is aimed at people starting their coaching journey.

The main focus of this course is to emphasise basic movement skills and physical preparation activities which are transferable across each gymnastics discipline. It also introduces the "how to coach" skills. The course is an introductory award not a formal qualification, therefore does not give the coach any formal responsibilities in the gym and they should be supervised at all times, however it does give coaches all the right tools to begin coaching as a helper. 

The course cost £45

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Course Aims:

- Recognise what makes a good coach
- Idenify gymnastic movements and the physical requirements of these movements

Module 1: 

- Identify the qualities a coach should have
- Identify the roles and responsibilities of a coach

Module 2:

- Understand how muscles work
- Identify different physical qualities and how these relate to gymnastics skills

Module 3: 

- Compete a basic risk assessment
- Safety in the gym

Module 4:

- Observe, analyse and feedback on selected gymnastics skills - including shapes, rolling, handstands and cartwheels
- Use progressions effectively considering the required physical preparation