Preschool CPD Module

The preschool continuing professional development (CPD) course has replaced the previous UKCC Level 1 and 2 Preschool courses. Existing qualifications are still valid, but we believe the new course is of great benefit to our clubs and coaches.
Course information
Learners must be 16 years by day 1 of the course and have a minimum of a level 1 in any discipline or gymnastics activity instructor qualification.
Face to face structor
Session 1 & 2 - each is 8 hours on course and include on course assessment. 
Once deemed fit for practice
Level 1 coaches will be able to assist in and level 2 coaches will be able to lead preschool classess immediately. 
Gymnast demonstrators
No demonstrators are required for this course. They are kindly provided for you. 
No mentor is required to complete this course. 
The CPD add on is available to all level 1 coaches and above, offering the ability to qualify and deliver preschool activity much quicker than before. The course length has been is a two-day practical course and includes on-course assessment. If deemed fit for practice on your on-course assessment, level 1 coaches will be able to assist in and level 2 coaches will be able to lead preschool classes immediately.
Please note, the Scottish Gymnastics Code of Conduct states that there should be at least two qualified coaches present at all times during training sessions. One minimum level 2, plus one appropriately-qualified assistant coach in the disciplines being offered.
The course comes with an on-course workbook with lots of handy pages to make notes. The course is in-depth and covers delivery to both adult and child, and independent preschool children. There will also be full digital support available before, during and after successful course completion, which will be accessible through optional eLearning modules, key skills videos and downloadable resources, ensuring you have everything you need to deliver quality sessions.
> We are often asked what skills preschool children shouldn’t do
Here is a ‘prohibited skills list
> When do I need a preschool qualification?
For Scottish Gymnastics register clubs coaches do not need to hold a preschool qualification to run parent and toddler classes as this is covered under the club’s public liability. At whatever age they no longer require their parent to be with them in the gym is the point the liability shifts to the club/coach and the child requires membership and coach requires preschool add on qualification. While the qualification is not required for parent & toddler classes it is advised that coaches do have the qualification to assist with their running of the class.
> Not able to access your elearning in your academy? 
Most likely it is due to the candidate having a gymnet profile which is attached to a ‘parent account’ if the candidate send an email address to go on their profile we will unlink the two accounts which will give the candidate access to the elearning. The candidate may need to reset their password to allow them access, this will be sent to the updated email address once Scottish Gymnastics have unlinked the account. When you logging in to the account here, click on Academy and it will take the candidate to their courses.
> After being deemed fit for practice, do I have to wait to receive my certificate before I can coach preschool classes?
No, you can coach in preschool classes immediately after being deemed fit for practice! You will keep your fit for practice sign off sheet which can be used to evidence you have passed. 
> Previous UKCC Level 1 & 2 preschool qualifications
You can still assist preschool classes with your level 1 preschool qualification and lead preschool classes with your level 2 preschool qualification.
Level 1 preschool qualification pathway – You can continue to assist in preschool classes with your level 1 preschool qualification, if you want to lead a preschool session you will need to complete a level 2 in another discipline and attend the preschool add on module.