Supporting Coaches

Support of coaches happens every day, in every gym, because developing coaches watch, take advice from and ask questions of a coach with more experience and higher qualification. Newer judges learn a great deal from working with higher qualified judges when sitting together on a panel at a competition.

Whilst this will always be the case, we believe in providing learning opportunities for coaches and judges to enhance the skills required to be a great mentor and support coaches in their club.

A great mentor should;

  • Be a good role model, be respectful, have great communication skills, have empathy, recognise different motivations, skills, knowledge and needs of the coach being mentored, provide supportive feedback

Please bear in mind that mentoring is a two-way process and that the quality of the outcome of the process is mainly determined by the quality of collaboration, interaction and initiative between mentor and candidate. 

These downloadable documents have been created to help mentors through the practical process of supporting coaches in their environment, this includes observation and feedback instruments.  The coach observation checklist is a document for lead coaches to use for observing other coaches in the club, whilst using the observation document you can target specific coaching gymnastics areas and provide valuable feedback.

The training needs analysis is a tool for lead coaches to use to develop self awareness in the coaches they are working with.  This allows coaches to reflect on the requirements of quality coaching and areas they feel they need to develop.

The personal development plan is a follow up to the training needs analysis and requires coaches with support to plot their development over a period of time allowing for their dfifferent needsa nd learning styles.

click here to download the coach observation checklist for mentor coaches

click here for an overview of how to use the Training needs analysis and personal development plan

click here to download the training needs analysis for coaches

click here to download the personal development plan for coaches