Testimonials from coaches who have been qualified from Scottish Gymnastics.

Name: Luisa Mcfarlane

Club: (if applicable): N/A

What made you want to become a coach?  Having been involved in rhythmic gymnastics in Mallorca for 10 years (first as a gymnast and after as a coach), I would like to share my knowledge and skill with other young people, as this sport does not seem to be recognised in most parts of Scotland. I would like to see this sport getting well knowing and growing up in a future.

How did you find about Scottish Gymnastics courses? When looking for coaching I found the Scottish Gymnastics courses on their website.

What did you enjoy most on the course? As an ex gymnast, getting back to the practical side was the most enjoyable part.

What are your next steps? Hopefully making this sport more widely knowing by setting up a club, to take this young people forward to competition level, as this is a very exciting and rewarding part of the sport.

Why would you recommend our courses to someone else? Because it gives you the opportunity to go forward with something you like and get to set up your own club.

Name: Rachael Walker

Club: Saltire Teamgym

What made you want to become a coach? I started helping out at a local recreational gymnastics class with one of my coaches at that time, and realised that I enjoyed coaching although it was only simple skills. I then realised that I would like to start coaching at the club, as the coaches I looked up to and respected did. 

How did you find about Scottish Gymnastics courses? I found out about the courses through a coach that I had known for years, and who thought I had potential.  After years of waiting until I was old enough, she then told me about the courses that were available for me to go on.

What did you enjoy most on the course?  I enjoyed the psychical coaching, and being able to put the theory into practice, and knowing someone was there to correct you on any mistakes made.

What are your next steps?  I would like to go on to do further levels of coaching with Teamgym.

Why would you recommend our courses to someone else? I would recommend them because they are welcoming and relaxed so that you don’t feel worried or nervous while on the course, however you still learn lots. The people who take the course are also very friendly, making it easy to ask questions if you’re unsure about something.

Name: Shona Whitson

Club: Caithness Gymnastics

What made you want to become a coach? Gymnastics has been in my heart since I was a young child but I was unable to pursue in the sport. As my own family were growing up and participating in gymnastics I knew I could help make a difference to all gymnasts by becoming a coach to help them achieve their goals and dreams. After passing my exams I have full filled my own dream of being involved in gymnastics and it has given me a huge sense of achievement and motivation which I can now bring back to the club I belong to.

How did you find about Scottish Gymnastics courses? Regional Manager

What did you enjoy most on the course?  It enhanced the knowledge I had of gymnastics, learning different progressions to help in the development of each skill. I gained knowledge of other disciplines rhythmic and men's artistic both of which was very enjoyable to learn. I met lots of people and we were all able to share ideas and advice and we all worked well together. Mostly I gained lots of knowledge from the experienced, friendly and lovely tutors/assessors that attended the course. I was able to complete my log book on time with the help and support I received from all the coaches at the club I belong to Caithness Gymnastics.

What are your next steps? I am hoping to gain my level 2 in women's and men's artistic gymnastics-(perhaps sometime next year!)

Why would you recommend our courses to someone else? Scottish Gymnastics helped me gain better knowledge of each discipline, gave me a good detailed resource pack, the log book was good to work through. I would recommend this course to anyone to help them gain the same sense of achievement as I have.

Name: Stuart Langan

Club: Glasgow University Trampoline Club/ Bishopbriggs Acro/Zippy’s

What made you want to become a coach? I always loved gymnastics when I was younger (even though I wasn’t particularly amazing when I was younger) and I found that I enjoyed helping others to improve.

How did you find about Scottish Gymnastics courses? They were done within the clubs I coach with in the past

What did you enjoy most on the course? I really enjoy getting stuck in and learning hand supports and interesting new skills

What are your next steps? Well I’m currently doing my UKCC Level 2 Trampoline and I hope to do my level 3 at some point in the future. I’ve got my Level 1 acro course coming up soon and plan to follow this up in the future and I’ve just completed my level 1 men’s artistic course and like acro, plan to further my development in the future.

Why would you recommend our courses to someone else? I think the courses are a great way to learn more about gymnastics, learn more about how to coach and improve your contacts within the sport.

Name:  Nigel Williams


What made you want to bcome a coach? I have loved trampolining from a teenager, in those days (45 years ago) I enjoyed performing but also started to help out with coaching other pupils. Through several  careers coaching mainly outdoor activities I continued to enjoy rare opportunities to bounce and did complete an old coaching award but have rarely lived anywhere near a sports centre to use it. Now there is one 3 miles down the road, I went to their adult trampoline classes for fun and it turned out they were looking for some coaching help. I volunteered and went through the UKCC level 2 award. 

How did you find out about Scottish Gymnastics courses?  I guess I always knew about them from interest in the sport. (I work for sportscotland too).

Whaat did you enjoy most on the course? Being somewhat older than the other participants most of whom were still competing at a good level. It was watching them perform and appreciating the coaching that lay behind their skills and what could be achieved that was inspirational. They were also very supportive of the old man in their midst and sorted out some of my long lost skills.

What are your next steps? I need to learn more about form in the air which has developed over the years so a judging course has to be next and then a couple of the level 3 modules appeal before I reach 60, anything to keep learning and remain current.

Why would you recommend our courses to someone else?  All ages and abilities love trampolining and as an individual sport it is a great sport to coach because you can work 1 to 1 yet it is a group activity. I often have a class of half a dozen aged from 8 to over 60, they all support each other and all enjoy developing their skills at their own level. They all learn, and usually so do I.  The course seemed to be available in a number of formats to help manage it around my work commitments. It was well structured and the venue had a great range of equipment. The tutor was one of the most successful and experienced in Scotland and the assessors really did want us all to be successful. Brilliant!