If you have a leadership role in your club and you want to make a difference in the culture by helping coaches improve their coaching skills, this interactive two-day programme is for you! 

You will learn the importance of self-awareness, why certain things trigger you and why you behave the way you do. You will also learn to understand others better and how to challenge certain thinking and behaviours through critical analysis, observation, effective listening and questioning. 

These are all powerful tools to help coaches and other practitioners become critical thinkers and reflectors to ultimately promote growth and help create a thriving training environment for coaches and gymnasts. 

Ruth Gibson from City of Edinburgh Gymnastics said:

A great insight into mentoring. Exploring the role from different angles. Looking at self and our own personal values then relating those to interacting with others and how to support, encourage and develop individuals to create the best environment to deliver our sport. We all bring something different to the game and great mentoring pulls those strengths together to create a happy team for all.

David Polley from Flair Gymnastics Club said:

Going through the workshop was great for holding a mirror up to yourself and thinking about the topics covered such as my coaching philosophy and if what is important to me is being reflected in my coaching. Additionally helped give me a different perspective on mentoring - looking at challenging coaches' views of themselves rather than getting frustrated with their coaching methods.

Course Details

Duration: two days 
Suitable for: anyone with a leadership role in your club
Learning outcomes:
    day one 
    • understanding self: your values and ethos
    • importance of reflective practice 
    • what makes a great mentor
    • the art of observation
    • the art of asking great questions
    day two
    • effective coach vs effective coaching
    • understanding empathy and emotions in context of coaching
    • authentic mentoring and coaching 
    • managing change
    • action planning/contracting

For more information, please contact our workforce development manager Jay Runga at  or 07394 565290.