All members of a Scottish Gymnastics registered clubs need to become members of Scottish Gymnastics, the national governing body for the sport in Scotland. This is so you benefit from insurance cover as well as receive discounts and other member benefits, including automatic membership of British Gymnastics.

We would strongly encourage all parents to only send their children to clubs registered with Scottish Gymnastics as our member clubs must meet a range of stringent criteria, meeting our high standards in operating a safe, child-friendly environment, with coaches qualified to national standards.

Gymnasts must join or renew their membership directly with us online to comply with data protection.

It’s easy to complete the membership process and your club will provide all the information needed. Until this step is complete, you will not be able to attend gymnastics sessions, so please complete the process as soon as you can. 

> Register or Renew Your Membership

You can find information on membership categories with help guides on how to complete your membership on the next page of our website.

Understanding our Competition Structures

Competitions which are part of the British Gymnastics National Development Plan (NDP) require Silver Competitive Gymnast Membership. View the NDP Competition Structure.

For competitions outside of the British Gymnastics NDP, structure please refer to the individual competition rules to determine the required level of membership.

Upgrading Your Membership

If you need to upgrade your membership from Gymnast to Competitive Gymnast at any point in the year, it’s simple to amend. You can do this through your Membership account. Simply login to GymNet and you will be able to change the details yourself. If you encounter any problems please contact the customer service team on 0345 129 7129

Still have questions?

Below are some questions and answers about membership and our new online membership join and renew process which you may find helpful:

Can I sign up to any club?
No, you should only apply for Scottish Gymnastics membership once a Scottish Gymnastics registered club has confirmed you have a place in a class.  At this point they will ask you to visit the Scottish Gymnastics membership site to complete the process and sign up to their club.  Once you have created your membership we will provide confirmation back to the club so you should be okay to attend classes as soon as your membership is complete.

How do I get added to my club?
Once you have entered the Scottish Gymnastics membership site, we will gather the information we need to create your membership, including the selection of the club you attend.  All you need to do is enter the club name and then confirm that the club we present back to you is the correct one.  If you have any issues, British Gymnastics Customer Support are here to help on 0345 129 7129.

Do I still get my membership card?
Once you have completed the membership process we will send you a welcome email which will have a link to your digital membership portal where you will find your digital membership card. You will need your membership number shown on your membership card to access some of your benefits and discounts, so please keep it in a safe place. Your membership portal also has information on your member benefits and discounts.

My club are charging an administration fee as well.  What is this for?
There are different types of gymnastics clubs across the UK, from small volunteer-led organisations to larger purpose-built facilities, from charities to community clubs.  The one thing they have in common is that there is an amount of administration that must be carried out to make sure the club runs smoothly and everyone can take part.  This could be dealing with class fees, completing competition entries or running committee meetings.  To make sure clubs can do this well, many charge a small annual administration fee at the start of the membership year.  Where this may previously have been collected alongside your Scottish Gymnastics membership fee, clubs will now be collecting this separately.

What do I get with my Scottish Gymnastics membership?
Whether you are just starting out, or have been involved in gymnastics for some time, there is a whole range of benefits to being a part of the Scottish Gymnastics community; from taking part in events, learning opportunities, and a comprehensive insurance package including personal accident cover, to exclusive member discounts and access to tickets for spectacular events.  

There are also some great benefits for you and your family through your dual membership of Scottish Gymnastics and British Gymnastics, with excellent discounts and offers which you'll find in your digital membership poortal once you've joined.

What if a membership needs to be upgraded - who can do this?
Clubs can upgrade a membership on behalf of a parent/member, or you can do this in GymNET yourself.

Can a grandparent or other family member activate a membership for an under 16 member?
Only a person with parental responsibility for the under 16 member can legally provide consent on their behalf. If a grandparent or other family member is the legal guardian or has parental responsibility, then they will be able to complete the membership process. If not, they will not be able to do so and will need to ask the parent/carer to do this.  This will be explained during the online process to ensure that all collected information is GDPR compliant.

As a parent, will I be able to register multiple members at the same time?
Yes, you will. The system is being developed to enable a parent to create a 'master' account and then attach multiple members to that account. This will mean parents, including parents that coach or carry out a club role, can pay for all memberships in one transaction and only need to input personal information, such as address, once.

If I decide not to continue taking part in gymnastics, can I obtain a refund?
New participants are entitled to two free taster sessions and then also have the option of taking out a temporary membership of 13 weeks. However, it is worth considering the full year of bronze membership could be more cost effective in the long run. This choice should be made on joining as we do not operate a refund policy.

I have been out of sport for some time, am I considered to be a new member?
If you have been out of the sport for less than a full membership year, your membership will be treated as continuous and will be back-dated to the start of that membership year when you renew.  If you have been out of the sport for one full membership year you will be able to renew online.  Members who have been out of the sport for more than two full membership years will need to ‘join’ rather than ‘renew’ their membership.

Does my British Gymnastics membership cover me to attend more than one club?
Yes, as long as both clubs are Scottish Gymnastics registered clubs you will be considered a British Gymnastics member at both clubs. However, each club may have their own club membership fee which is separate. You may find both clubs ask you to complete the Scottish Gymnastics membership process. However, if you’ve already done this, you won’t need to repeat it.