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The Scottish Gymnastics 2019 leadership academy programme has begun with a residential weekend in Stirling.

Ten leaders have been selected and for first time since the programme was introduced three years ago, all are women. They represent clubs across Scotland offering a wide range of disciplines and coming from different backgrounds, they bring diverse experience to the academy.

The opening weekend allowed the cohort to focus on themselves, thinking about their values, looking at their personality style, and starting to shape their plan for the future. Among those helping them through this process was Bruce Milroy, director of Ethos Consulting who specialises in leadership development and psychology.

Bruce said: “I’ve been talking about behavioural economics and how you create a really great working environment that allows your people to feel supported and be the best they can be. We’ve got a fantastic cohort, all women this year, and it’s been a pleasure being here.”

Among the new leaders is Izzy Milns-Smith who said: “I’ve really enjoyed it so far and got a lot out of it. It’s been quite brain itchy, making me think about myself! I’ve got a better idea of my values and it made me think about where everyone in my team sits and their values so I can give people the right tasks and respond well to them.”

Scottish Gymnastics club business manager, Jacqui Stone, added: “I’m excited to see the leaders’ journeys unfold over the year as they were incredibly open and honest in the first weekend, sharing stories with each other.

One of the programme’s biggest opportunities is the networking and I feel this year’s candidates will really support each other which will help them grow in ways beyond what we can teach in the classroom.”

This year’s leaders are:
Sandra Simpson Donside
Gina True Dumfries Y
Nicola Hogg Ibex
Lauren Hall Ibex
Debbie Johnston JUMP
Laura Tracey JUMP
Sarah Cowan Saltire
Isobel Milns-Smith Sparta
Luisa McFarlane West Dunbartonshire
Val Purves West Lothian

The programme continues in December when Isla McCrone from Action Provocateurs leads a session on managing self.


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