2020 Education & Safeguarding Calendar

Posted on 20/11/2019 in Education News

2020 Education & Safeguarding Calendar

We are delighted to launch the first ever joint education and safeguarding calendar for 2020.

We have combined the two calendars to make it easier for coaches to find the courses they are looking for, all in one place. 

> Access the calendar and course information here


Please note, if you are coaching within a Scottish Gymnastics registered club, you must apply for a Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme record through Scottish Gymnastics and attend the relevant level of safeguarding course organised through Scottish Gymnastics.  


For Level 1 coaches…
If you decide to become a coach, you must complete the above steps as well as completing your level 1 coaching course. You should ensure you access a PVG and attend a safeguarding course around the same time as attending your level 1 coaching course, as you will need both in place in order to complete your mentored hours within the gym. 

Without a PVG and safeguarding in place, you are not permitted to access the gym as you are not meeting minimum operating requirements, therefore not insured and your Scottish Gymnastics membership would be deemed void.  Scottish Gymnastics registered clubs can guide you on this through the Safeguarding Officer, as part of their safe recruitment procedures.

In order to ensure that coaches can access both a safeguarding and level 1 course together, we have aligned both the education and safeguarding calendars. By offering courses around the same time and location, coaches can meet the membership requirements before undertaking their mentored hours within the gym.


L2 and above coaches…
Please ensure you book on your next level of safeguarding course prior to your expiry.  This will ensure your membership remains current and you are fully insured to coach.


Prize draw
Congratulations to Kloey Barclay who won the prize of the cost of her coaching course from our education.  Thank you to all those who took part and helped us to shape our calendar this year.

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