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Forty six acrobatic gymnasts have been selected to the Scottish Gymnastics National Performance Programme (NPP) and Performance Pathway Programmes (PPP) for 2019 - 2020.

Seventeen acrobatic partnerships will benefit from a series of camps and coaching clinics by the National Technical Lead, Ian Said.

Performance Manager Wendy Purdie said:

“It’s fantastic that we are able to select so many gymnasts to our performance programmes. In doing so we are able to increase the development opportunities for our acro performance gymnasts within Scotland”

Congratulations to everyone who has been selected!


National Performance Programme Partnerships

11-16 WP Eve Gillies, Sophie Humphries  (Acrobay)

11-16 WG Karla Hillcoat, Sacha Horne, Arianna Lawlor (Dynamic)                            

12-18 WP Mia Costello Brenna Cruickshank (East Kilbride)                           

12-18 WP Emma McConville, Emma McConnell (Dynamic)                      

12-18 WG Ellie Horstmann, Scarlett Haldane, Rebecca Stewart (Acrobay)                        

12-18 WG Rachel Grieve, Jade Hall & Jodie Hall (Kingston)                        

13-19 WG Olivia Clark, Eilidh Steven, Cara Bustard (East Kilbride)                          

13-19 WG Lucy Glendenning, Keira McManus, Simona Marinov (Kilmarnock)                

Senior WG Chloe Rowlands, Sacha Muir, Erin Henderson (Acrobay)

Performance Pathway Programme Partnerships

11-16 WP Carly Curran, Neive Grant (Dynamic)             

11-16 WP Anna Tearney, Maia Watt (East Kilbride)           

11-16 WG Sophie Anderson,Ashlyn Hood, Eva Terris (Kilmarnock)      

11-16 WG Kirsten Lewis, Melissa Meer & Ellie Montgomery (East Kilbride) 

11-16 WG Olivia Penman, Darcey Irvine, Tia Kidd (Kingston)

11-16 WG Olivia Keir, Erin Bailey, Kayla Ballantyne (Acrobay)

12-18 WG Megan Gemmell, Chloe Rae & Aimee Robertson (East Kilbride)

12-18 WG Keely Higgins, Amy Miller, Mia Evans (Dynamic)

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