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Scottish Gymnastics is delighted to announce the gymnasts selected to represent Scotland at the 2016 Acrobatic Celtic Cup.

Team Scotland will be aiming to claim the Celtic Cup title for the fourth consecutive year at the University of Ulster in Jordanstown, Northern Ireland, on Saturday 16th April 2016.

Grade 3 - Beth McCulloch & Eilidh Park, Acrobay GC
Grade 3 - Claire Ferguson & Kerry Gibson, Ayrshire Acro GC
Grade 3 - Olivia Kerr, Erin Bailey & Caitlin Mitchell, Acrobay GC
Grade 4 - Mica Fraser & Grace Hurst, Acrobay GC
Grade 4 - Jaxon McCracken, Jayden Charles & Holly Clark, City of Glasgow GC        
Grade 5 - Felix Loffler & Sky Bakke, East Kilbride GC
Grade 5 - Sasha Muir, Jessica Wilson & Ellie McInnes, Acrobay GC                    
Grade 6 - Fiona Ritchie & Hannah Irving, Astro West Lothian GC                    
Grade 6 - Sarah Wright, Amy Marshall & Orla Brown, East Kilbride GC            
11-16 - Louise Semple & Cara Bustard, East Kilbride GC    
11-16 - Simona Marinov & Lucy Glendenning, Kilmarnock Acro GC                    
11-16 - Sunny Ward & Kristen Lewis, East Kilbride GC                
11-16 - Erin Henderson & Eve Omiston, Acrobay GC
11-16 - Zoey Harrower, Catriona Mitchell & Jordan Bak, Acrobay GC                    
11-16 - Melissa Loughlin, Kara Paterson & Millie McGeechan, Urban GC
12-18 - Taylor Wilson & Amy Middleton, Acrobay GC
12-18 - Jane Stevenson, Jodie Watson & Chloe Rowlands, Acrobay GC                    
12-18 - Anna McCudden, Niamh McBride & Jade Moore, Glasgow Gymnastics    
13-19 - Zoe Smith, Nicole Smith & Megan Gemmell, East Kilbride GC

Team coaches for this event will be Suzanne Fraser (Acrobay GC), Fiona Fyfe (Astro West Lothian GC) and Kellyanne Anderson (East Kilbride GC).

Congratulations to all of the gymnasts and officials on their selection. We wish you every success in your preparations and at the event.

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