Clarity on Phase 3 Guidance

Posted on 20/10/2020 in Club News

Clarity on Phase 3 Guidance

Several clubs and coaches have been in touch asking us to clarify the current guidance for indoor gymnastics. 

The guidance has been written with and approved by sportscotland and we ask that you please stick to the most up-to-date version, which differs according to where you live. 

It is more important than ever to do everything possible to help suppress the virus not just for yourselves and others, but to show that gymnastics clubs can operate safely under Covid-19 restrictions. A major part of this is limiting physical contact between individuals.

Physical contact between coaches and gymnasts

Any physical contact which provides physical assistance of a gymnast through a movement or skill is not permitted. 

Therefore, we cannot permit the normal coach handling and coaching practice. The current guidance for physical contact between the coach and gymnast means

•  NO coach handling/normal coaching practice i.e. shaping, full support of gymnastics elements and supporting new skill development.
•  NO assistive spotting 
•  Spotting is only permitted in the prevention of catastrophic injury i.e. specifically rescuing a gymnast from an unplanned fall. 

Unless a gymnast can competently perform a skill without coach intervention, the skill, movement or element should be avoided.

Performance/professional sport

When the First Minister talks about professional or performance sport, she is not referring to all competitive gymnasts and their coaches. The Scottish Government’s criteria for the resumption of performance sport only applies to a finite and limited number of athletes across sports in Scotland.

Only gymnasts and their coaches who have been notified by Scottish Gymnastics’ head of performance & education are covered under performance sport because they fit the criteria, and they must follow all associated guidance.

We will let you know when any guidance changes, but for now we ask that you please continue to follow phase 3.2 indoor guidance if you are currently in an area under local measures and restrictions, or phase 3.1 indoor guidance across the remainder of the country.

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