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Scottish Gymnastics has produced some guidance designed to help protect our coaches as well as gymnasts, and a template to help you keep in touch with your members while your gym is currently closed. The following guidance is issued for a short period only, due the current situation and will end when restrictions are lifted, and clubs get back to normal training. 

In a usual gymnastics’ environment as a qualified technical coach you have the knowledge and expertise to directly supervise, support, shape and ensure gymnasts are doing the prescribed activity in a safe way. However, at home this is not the case, so it is important to note that you are not insured to deliver ‘live’ gymnastics technical coaching sessions online. 

Any prescribed training should be limited to body conditioning, flexibility and the basic gymnastics skill/elements normally contained within conditioning sets and floor-based elements for those disciplines who may not have ‘conditioning sets.’

Additional elements of discipline-specific training are done at the individual’s own risk and should not be encouraged by the club or the coach. 

Before engaging gymnasts through home training, you should identify which gymnasts you would like to support through body conditioning, flexibility and basic gymnastics skills/elements. You should then update your club rules/procedures and gain explicit permission from parents/carers for those gymnasts who are under 18 years of age, to engage in the home training. 

Parents/carers must then give consent for the home training which may include the use of videos/online discussions etc. Your club must be clear what skill/elements are being covered within the home training you intend to deliver.

> Club online coaching guidance and disclaimer template

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