Events Update July 2020

Posted on 23/07/2020 in Rhythmic

Events Update July 2020

We wanted to share what we know so far about competitions to allow clubs to plan for their return. We have been working with British Gymnastics to understand the impact of their competition calendar too, along with discussions with each technical panel. 

The plans for any remaining events will continue to be reviewed and they will only take place if it is considered safe to do so. This depends on when clubs can resume activity. 

We are hosting discipline-specific zoom sessions in early August to support clubs as they plan to reopen when the Scottish Government confirms a date for the return of indoor gymnastics. 

Coaches will be invited to attend to hear more about protocols and guidance around return to training plans for their discipline, along with an update from the discipline’s technical panel including the competition calendar for the rest of the year. 

Having had such a long break in training, gymnasts will need a considerable period of training to regain their fitness, avoid injury and regain their level of skill. It is also very important to stress that clubs and coaches should only consider entering gymnasts for events if they are satisfied that they are ready physically, mentally and technically, following a progressive return to training.

Women’s Artistic
The Voluntary Levels 4-2 & 6 & 5 (8 years) on 3 and 4 October have been cancelled. The Voluntary Level 4, 5 and 6 Teams and Gordon Forster Team Challenge have been cancelled.

The women’s technical panel and Scottish Gymnastics will be assessing demand for possible events on 21/22 and 28/29 November if restrictions allow. The possibility of the Winter Floor and Vault competition in November will be reviewed based upon demand from the women’s artistic gymnastics community. 

Clubs will be asked to provide an indication of their ability and desire to participate in competitions as this will depend on when their own club is scheduled to reopen and the subsequent readiness of their gymnasts. The feedback provided by clubs will help shape the last few months of the women’s artistic gymnastics competition calendar in Scotland. Please be aware that there is still a possibility of all competitions being cancelled until 2021.

Men’s Artistic
All men’s events are cancelled until 2021. This means the floor and vault championships on 29 November will not go ahead. Details of the first event in 2021 will follow in due course.

Trampoline/DMT and Tumble
There are no events planned for the rest of this year. Details of the events in 2021 will follow in due course.

All TeamGym events are cancelled until 2021. This means the West TeamGym Micro on 22 November will not go ahead. Details of the events in 2021 will follow in due course.

The event on 3 and 4 October for NDP tournament and beginners’ competition has been cancelled. Jumblies on 12 December may still go ahead but will more than likely be in a different format depending on the progress made on reopening clubs and social distancing requirements. Further details will follow in the coming weeks.

The event on 7 November for the Thistle Invitational will no longer take place at Engage Sports Centre, Edinburgh and we are scoping out making this a virtual event online. Further information will follow in the coming weeks.

Gymfest Perth
Unfortunately, Gymfest Perth on 14 and 15 November is being cancelled due to the number of gymnasts and spectators who normally attend this event along with the lack of time for clubs to prepare to perform. 

An update on schools’ events is pending feedback from British Schools Gymnastics Association on their plans for next year. It is unlikely that any regional heats will be able to go ahead this year given the potential constraints around schools returning in August and the potential impact on accessing gymnastics space in schools. Further details to follow in the coming weeks. 

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