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Due to the exceptional demand for Scottish Gymnastics "Enhancing Your Club" workshops, we have taken the decision to offer two additional free workshops open to all Scottish Gymnastics clubs to aid your clubs development. These free workshops will be held as part of the offering on the day of the 2015 AGM on the 29th of August at Stirling Court Hotel (Stirling Management Centre) 

AGM Workshops

10.00-12.30         Employment Tax workshop (BDO Accountants)

12.30-1.15           Lunch   

1.15 – 2.15           AGM

2.30 – 3.30           Developing a Growth Mindset   Frith Sykes Partnership

To confirm your place on these workshops please contact:

Employment Tax (10.00 – 12.30)

This interactive workshop will be delivered by BDO Accountants who have been a key part of the sportscotland Learning and Development programme for Scottish Governing Bodies.  This workshop will be of benefit to club committees and the coaches they employ or deploy.

Topics to be covered

  • Self-employment status
  • Non-execs
  • Committee members
  • Business travel rules
  • Staff entertaining

Developing a Growth Mindset (2.30-3.30)

‘Many organisations believe in natural talent and don’t look for people with the potential to develop.  Not only are these organisations missing out on a big pool of possible leaders, but their belief in natural talent might actually squash the very people they think are naturals, making them into arrogant, defensive non learners. The lesson is: Create an organisation that prizes the development of ability and watch the leaders emerge’ Professor Carol Dweck ‘Mindset’

Through more than three decades of systematic research, Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck has been answering questions around why some people achieve their potential and others do not. The key is not about ability but people’s beliefs about their abilities. These beliefs affect people’s behaviours, performance and whether they achieve their best in all aspects of life.

Our training translates Dweck’s acclaimed research in a stimulating and interactive way.  Rachel and Jeremy are experts in their field and have delivered training within business, education and sporting environments in Guernsey and across Europe.

This course is the fundamental starting point for any organisation or individual looking to engage in a process of growth and development.

Individuals will develop a greater awareness of their own approaches to learning and performance.  Participants will gain an insight into their strengths as well as potential barriers to them and those around them achieving their best.

From an organisational point of view the course will help club leaders, committees and coaches better understand how to foster a culture of development, learning and change. 

To confirm your place on these workshops please contact:


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