Gymnast Ambassadors Appointed

Posted on 24/01/2019 in Acrobatic

Gymnast Ambassadors Appointed

Scottish Gymnastics has appointed five gymnast ambassadors to help inspire the next generation of talent.

Kim Beattie, Jordan Dewar, Shannon Archer, Izzy Tolometti, and Kendal Smith were selected after a recruitment campaign. The exciting new role was created for gymnasts who have represented Scotland or Great Britain internationally and is voluntary.

Kim has twice represented GB in double mini trampoline at the World Championships; Jordan and Kendal have both competed in the European TeamGym championships and Kendal has also represented Scotland in artistic gymnastics at the Northern European Championships; Shannon and Izzy were part of Team Scotland at Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The five ambassadors will work with the Scottish Gymnastics team across performance pathway programmes. They will talk to younger gymnasts, helping them to understand the talent principles, explaining what they mean and how gymnasts can use them in their development.

Using their own experiences, the ambassadors can bring the principles to life by sharing their stories of how they’ve dealt with training, travel, school work, exams, injury or even going through a growth spurt.

Wendy Purdie, Scottish Gymnastics Performance Manager, said: “We have so many gymnasts across disciplines with years of experience from being part of Scottish Gymnastics’ performance programmes and competing internationally.

“It makes sense for us to have them involved, to help younger gymnasts who will be facing the same challenges they did.  They know what its like to train effectively and develop as an athlete while dealing with life outside the gym.

“When we trialled how this would work, those on the programmes clearly appreciated having older gymnasts explain things to them and share their gymnastics journey as they can relate to them. We are fortunate to have these role models in our sport and delighted to have them working with us to help inspire others.”

Thank you Izzy, Jordan, Kendal, Kim, and Shannon - great to have you working with our performance programmes!


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