Gymnastics Clubs Allowed to Reopen

Posted on 20/08/2020 in Rhythmic

Gymnastics Clubs Allowed to Reopen

We welcome the First Minister's announcement that indoor gymnastics can resume from 31 August as we are sure you will too!

We are working with the Scottish Government and sportscotland on guidelines for clubs reopening under phase 3 of the Scottish Government Covid-19 route map. We will make it relevant for all disciplines and clubs must adhere to it for a safe return to indoor gymnastics. 

Once our guidance has been approved by sportscotland, we will send information to your club's official email address which we ask you share with your staff, coaches and volunteers. We will also publish this on our Step Forward Plan page along with risk assessment templates. The phase 3 guidance for outdoor gymnastics will also be updated to include the latest information from the Scottish Government route map.

We have emailed your club to invite key coaches, committee members and Covid officers to join us for a webinar so we can take you through the indoor gymnastics guidelines. 

In the webinar on Thursday 27 August at 10am and again at 6.30pm, we'll take you through returning the sport safely with key information to help you to plan for your own return in line with Scottish Government guidelines. You will be able to ask our staff questions too.

Session overview:
•  Scottish Government route map – phase updates and protocols for Scottish Gymnastics
•  Supporting clubs for safe return – Step Forward Plan
•  Mini workshop on risk assessments
•  Key departmental updates on Scottish Gymnastics activity and programmes
•  Open questions and answers session

Please join us if you can. We appreciate that not all clubs will be able to reopen at the end of the month, or soon after, and the work on that continues with Scottish sports, Community Leisure UK, COSLA, and sportscotland.

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