Gymnasts Selected for Trampoline Programmes

Posted on 05/02/2020 in Trampoline & DMT

Gymnasts Selected for Trampoline Programmes
Following a busy profiling day in Glenrothes on 25 January gymnasts have now been selected for the trampoline national performance programme (NPP) and performance pathway programme (PPP).
Gymnasts who will be competing in NDP 5 and NDP 6 this competition year were invited to trial for the performance pathway programme, with those competing in FIG levels for the new tier of programme, the national performance programme.
The profiling day involved gymnasts being assessed on brilliant basics and technical drills, with technical lead Gary Short looking at their form and technique along with time of flight (ToF) and horizontal displacement (HD). Elements of physical preparation and mindset were also assessed during the day.
Both programmes will support and develop gymnasts and coaches with technical leadership from Gary Short (British Gymnastics performance pathway coach) and integrated support from Scottish Gymnastics physical preparation lead, Paul Coyle.
The focus of the programmes is to help gymnasts develop the technical skills, physical qualities and training behaviours that will aid them to success on the British pathway.
Congratulations to the selected gymnasts and their coaches.
National Performance Programme
Keir Davidson - Tiggers Trampoline Club 
Coach: James Davidson
Sarah Gallacher - Glasgow Trampoline Club
Coaches: Brian Scott and Frances Murphy
Robert Burns - Glasgow Trampoline Club
Coach: Frances Murphy
John Buist - Flyers Trampoline Club
Leo Forrest - Flyers Trampoline Club 
Coach: Lynn Simpson
Leonard Holm-Huxley - Tiggers Trampoline Club
Coach: Kathryn Marples
Lauren Forbes - Donside Trampoline Club
Coach: Carolyn Mackenzie
Kiyla Young - Glasgow Trampoline Club 
Coach: Liam Gibbons
Amy Krisoffersen - Two Foot Higher
Coach: Bruce Craig
Performance Pathway Programme 
Aiden Ward - Sparta Trampoline Club
Coaches: Liam Gibbons and Lisa Leach
Marcus Bratton - Tiggers Trampoline Club 
Coach: James Davidson
Lucy Largs - Flyers TC
Coach: Grant Milne
Further to those selected, there were several merit invitations to attend some of the training during camps for gymnast and coach development. The next opportunity to trial for the NPP or PPP will be at the access day on 28 June at Bell’s Sports Centre in Perth.
In addition, Sarah Gallacher, Kier Davidson and John Buist were invited to the British Gymnastics profiling day last December. A fantastic achievement which resulted in Keir Davidson being selected to the Great Britain National Junior Squad and John Buist to the British Gymnastics Foundation Squad.
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