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One of the many benefits of being a registered member of Scottish Gymnastics is that we arrange insurance designed to protect you whilst you are taking part in the sport. To support this we have a dedicated insurance website which provides you with details about the insurance cover and how to make a claim, whether you are a gymnast, coach, judge or someone responsible for running a club.

Scottish Gymnastics clubs should keep a record of all accidents/incidents whether major or minor in your accident report book which should be kept within the club.  However, it is important that all accidents that result in a visit to the hospital or the accident may require physio at a later date or may give rise to a claim are reported to Scottish Gymnastics as soon as possible after the event.

This is done via the online form in the insurance hub by clicking on the report an incident button. This will take you through a serious of questions about what happened and who was affected.

You may not realise it, but as a committee member you have a personal liability in respect of the management of your club, particularly if the club is unincorporated. Legal liability insurance is available for directors and officers and provides cover in order to protect you if you are sued for negligent decisions. This is included in your club membership fee. For information on how to get this cover for your club please click HERE.

Our Insurer broker can also help with insurance for equipment, please contact Dominic Brosnan, W Denis at who can provide a quote.

If you are taking your gymnasts away on a trip either within the UK or abroad, as well as completing the travel permit, you also need to have adequate travel insurance in place. Your Scottish Gymnastics membership insurance covers you and your gymnasts at the event but it does not provide any cover for medical expenses, loss of luggage or travel delays.

Travel insurance quotes are provided directly through our insurers. Please contact Dominic Brosnan at W Denis who can arrange travel insurance for you –

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