Leadership Award: Kaylee's story

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Leadership Award: Kaylee's story

Kaylee completed the Scottish Gymnastics leadership award with other young members of Enigma Gymnastics Club in Buckhaven, Fife. She tells us how this has helped her leadership skills, planning in the gym and deal with conflict out of it!

I enjoy volunteering at the gymnastics club I attend so when the opportunity came up to take part in this leadership award, I thought it would be a good way to give me more confidence. 

During the course I learned how to be an effective leader, how to work well with others and how to plan activities that are suitable for the group we are working with. 

One of the best things I learned was about the different personality traits people have and how to ensure everyone interacts well together. We learned a lot about the benefits of planning in advance, this will help me plan activities for my group when our gymnastics classes return and I am looking forward to putting it into action!

Many of the topics we covered are also applicable to life in general – the personality trait piece will help me relate better to my friends and avoid unnecessary conflict. Taking part in this course has made me think more about possibly doing coaching qualifications or judging qualifications in future. 

I did the course mainly online with one session done in person. The online sessions worked well and I enjoyed the breakout rooms which gave us the opportunity to speak more freely in smaller groups. I would have liked to do the whole course in person as think it would have taken a different dimension but because of Covid restrictions this wasn’t to be. The practical session (which we did in person) was fun and it was good to see the other participants in person. I enjoyed putting the plans in to practice. 

I would encourage other young people to take part in this course. It helps you to learn more about yourself and how you can be a better leader in classes. It will help you in ways other than just in gymnastics.

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