Leadership Award: Niamh's story

Posted on 28/04/2021 in Rhythmic

Leadership Award: Niamh's story

Niamh is a member of City of Edinburgh Gymnastics Club and the Scottish Gymnastics youth forum. She recently completed the Scottish Gymnastics Leadership Award and tells us how she found it.

I was very keen to join the leadership award because with City of Edinburgh Gymnastics Club I have had many amazing opportunities and I would love to share them with others. 

During the course I have learned to recognise my own achievements and what skills I used to achieve them. I have also learned that I can confidently express my opinion in front of others and have my opinion acknowledged. 

I think the best thing I learned, that will be most useful to me is recognising the value of feedback. Giving feedback to others makes you think about your own performance, “did I include that myself” and “did I do this part confidently”. This makes me feel like I am self-assessing while assessing others.

I also really enjoyed learning how I can motivate a group while coaching them and use different ways to keep them keen and entertained. I will be able to use these leadership skills in gymnastics by being able to work as part of a team and be there to support others. 

These skills will definitely help me in the future because I can confidently speak to others in a public environment. This will also help me recognise my own skills and never doubt myself.

I have enjoyed this leadership program and it has made me more keen to lend a helping hand in a sport I truly love. I completed this course online and I enjoyed the way the course was delivered. We got to experiment different ways to communicate, share our opinions and share feedback.

I would 100% recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about it because it will open up many opportunities in the future whilst providing you with life skills.

City of Edinburgh Gymnastics Club

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