Legal Status Workshops

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Legal Status Workshops

SCIO and company limited by guarantee incorporation guides & workshops

As part of their appointment, Morton Fraser shall be providing two written guides for use by Scottish Gymnastics members interested in converting their legal form from an unincorporated association to a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Association (SCIO) or a company limited by guarantee.

The guides will contain the following:-

  • Introduction. This will summarise the content of the guide,

  • Timetable. A proposed timetable of steps for the member club will be included within the guide,
  • Style constitution (if a SCIO) or articles of association (if a non-charitable company limited by guarantee).  This will be a template which the member club can adapt to fit with their own structure.  The style will incorporate notes to assist member clubs with understanding they key provisions.
  • SCIO Application form (if SCIO) or Form NM01 (if company limited by guarantee).  The application form or Form NM01 is the formal document upon which a club will apply for registration of their new entity
  • Ancillary documents.  A number of style ancillary documents will be included in the guide to assist the member clubs with presenting the proposed incorporation to their members and having this passed.   

The guides will be in pdf format so that Scottish Gymnastics may issue these to member clubs electronically or in hard copy.  It is envisaged that the guides will be issued to member clubs who express an interest in incorporation following attendance at one of the three seminars being presented in September 2016.


In November 2016, Morton Fraser will present workshops in Edinburgh and Glasgow (one morning session and one afternoon session) to assist member clubs with implementing the steps outlined in the incorporation guides. 


10th November – Templeton, Glasgow

17th November – Caledonia House, Edinburgh


10am to 12.30pm SCIO session 1.30pm to 4pm Company session


FREE - a subsidised event by Scottish Gymnastics. (refreshments are included)


To book please email you’re booking form available on the Club Development Calendar (click HERE) and email to

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