Parents in Sport Week 2020

Posted on 02/10/2020 in Rhythmic

Parents in Sport Week 2020

Scottish Gymnastics is backing Parents in Sport Week 2020 which starts today and runs until 11 October.

Run by the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU), Parents in Sport Week aims to highlight the important role parents play in youth sport, from helping to keep children safe, to encouraging them to take part and achieve.

This year’s theme is ‘Let’s talk about keeping children safe in sport’ and the aim is to raise awareness amongst parents of the types of things clubs should have in place to keep children safe and how parents can get help with any concerns.

New research has found that fewer than four in ten parents actively sought to understand the safeguarding procedures of their club before signing their child up to take part in sessions and competitions.

The online YouGov survey*, conducted on behalf of the NSPCC, showed that only 38% of parents across the UK actively tried to find out whether basic safety measures were in place before allowing their child to join a club.

Further cause for concern is that 38% of parents* said they had either never received or could not recall whether they had been sent any information about safeguarding measures by their child’s sports club once they were a member.

As part of this week’s campaign, the CPSU is asking sports parents to make the Sports Parents Promise – a three-point pledge to their children to listen to them about their concerns, check clubs are safe to enjoy, and encourage their children to take part in a positive way.

They hope this will help parents to understand how their contribution to their child’s sport makes it a safer place for all children.

You can help support the CPSU and Parents in Sport Week by making the Sports Parents Promise on their website, where you can also find helpful information about being a great sports parent and working with parents in sport.

> Sports Parents Promise

Scottish Gymnastics CEO Doc McKelvey said: "We fully support Parents in Sport week as they play an important part in sport whether taking their child to a club or supporting them through their competitive journey. 

"We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and positive environment for children and young people to enjoy gymnastics and encourage parents and carers to ask ten key questions to find out about the safeguarding procedures in their club."

You can also support and follow the campaign on social media using #ParentsinSportWeek2020.

* All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Findings based on a YouGov online survey undertaken on 16 - 21 September 2020.  1,088 parents of children under 18 across the UK were surveyed, 693 of whom had signed a child up for a sports club. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+).



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